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  1. Sichuan high -end aluminum alloy doors and windows brands include: Belima (the top ten brands of doors and windows, consumers love brands,) imperial doors and windows (adhere to original and focus on the research and development and manufacturing of aluminum doors). Haoxuan, Paled, St. Paul.
    In addition to the brand, you can also consider from the following three aspects;
    The selection of profiles
    The profile everyone knows that it is the material of the window, such as broken bridges aluminum, plastic steel, aluminum alloy alloy , Titanium magnesium alloy and so on. Different profiles are targeted at different areas, so you must first choose according to your space needs. For example, the outer window space, that is, the windows between your home and outdoor, such as the window of the balcony, and the windows connecting the external windows in each indoor. Because you need to connect to outdoor, you generally choose high -priced products. For insulation and sound insulation requirements, you must also consider excellent glass and hardware.
    Colon -colored glass
    If your family's requirements for sound insulation are not so strict, ordinary double -layer hollow glass can be used. Configure 5 12A 5 glass. It is spacing>, of course, the effect of using tape glass is better, but the cost is higher. It is also tested by a decibel meter. If the decibels are about 50 during the day, use ordinary hollow glass. rn  窗户的开启方式rn  一般我们封阳台采用的是断桥铝的型材,开启方式一般分为四种:平开、推拉、外开上悬、内开内倒,还有Open outside and so on. Of course, although these forms can be done, the general commercial building is not what you want to do. Property has corresponding regulations. For example, it is impossible for high -level to make you open windows. Generally, push -pull and inside. However, one thing can be the master. If the property requirements are inward, in order to avoid encountering and bumping for indoor items, you can make it internal and inside. Families with children are particularly recommended.

  2. Sichuan currently high -end aluminum doors and windows brands include Belima Door and Window, Emperor, Emperor, Yimehe these first -line doors and windows brands, high -end door and window brands in the choice of aluminum profiles, glass and hardware accessories should be more quality, plus good craftsmanship and technology and The production equipment is finally installation and after -sales service. These factors all reflect the characteristics of a high -end door and window brand.

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