4 thoughts on “What are the main tasks of stone carving workers? Will you choose this industry?”

  1. The stone carving division industry is a very good industry, because the stone carvings are craftsmen, the combination of technology plus art, full of artistic heritage, stone carving stone generally excels the technical requirements. If these are still secondary, then the most important, then the most important, then the most important thing. It is innovation, and everyone knows that jade carving is divided into north and south. But with the new start of Haipai. It makes the north and south factions have to correct their shortcomings. The southern faction is fine, and no longer like to do excessive things in the past. Then there is the price of jade carvings. There are many types of jade sculptures. Hetian jade, emerald, field yellow, pine stone, or something are different. For example, pinestone may be charged at a price, because the pine market in recent years is much better, and the price naturally comes up. It may be a charge for Hetianyu to be charged, and it depends on the difficulty of sculpting. The most important thing depends on your technology and reputation. The things made by the general sculptor will estimate the price, at least clear in the heart. If you need to get in touch with you, you will understand it.
    Actually, the sense of business opportunities everywhere before entering the industry is everywhere. All traditional handicraft industries are on the cusp of a change. On the one hand, new technologies appear (machine carving, 3D industry intervention). And the changes of consumer groups and the aesthetic changes that have emerged in education, and the aesthetic fatigue of the old craftsmanship, the above -mentioned, I feel that the sculpture of the sculpture learned from the Academy of Fine Arts has entered the jade carving industry. In the contemporary enlightenment stage, various genres and various opportunities will appear in recent years, so the jade carving industry, the current aspirations are very worthy of the acting; There are always one of the various themes of many sculptors. There are always one for you. The environment is that the market has declined slightly in recent years, and the processing costs have declined as a whole! I answered my answer, I hope to provide some help for friends in need.

  2. Stone carving workers need to sculpt some shapes on the stone in daily life, and also need to complete the carving to design a new solution for customers. I will not choose this industry. The salary is particularly low.

  3. This job is mainly to sculpt some things, choose some raw materials for stone carvings, but also have some equipment. When doing things, it must be very careful and responsible. I will not choose this profession because this profession is really tired.

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