What are the operation ideas and suggestions of Amoeba organized operations and operations of the slaughter industry

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  1. The division of Amoeba organization-providing employees with the platform that participates in operations

    In addition to Amoeba's business philosophy, the division of Amoeba is also the focus and difficulty of the enterprise's import of Amoeba. So how to divide the Amoeba organization is correct? How can we avoid conflicts of interest?

    Bet before answering these questions, I will talk about my customer case.
    In 2010, I came into contact with a group of Guangdong group engaged in consumer electronics research, production and sales. At the largest number of employees in the company, it was more than 10,000. Later, due to the global financial crisis collapse. After in -depth enterprises, I learned that in terms of corporate management, because the owner of the group is a sales origin, it is not good at management and not paying attention to management. At the same time, the boss did his own personnel and could not deserve power with peace of mind. In addition, because the functional departments are politically politically, after the product is delayed and quality problems, they shirk each other's responsibility, resulting in the efficiency and quality of production cannot be raised, and the cost is wasteful. After understanding its actual operation, after repeated research, I think the company can reverse its dilemma by importing Amoeba. In the process of importing Amoeba, divide first -level Ampa and second -level Amiban according to the product dimension, retain the necessary common parts, and implement transactions across Amoeba between departments. There are beneficial connections and clear powers and responsibilities among various departments. At the same time, business processes are greatly simplified, and various departments can respond flexibly. From the introduction of Amoeba's business project to the smooth landing operation, the group lasted 6 months, which has achieved significant improvements, and the profit margin has gradually increased.
    It is not difficult to see from the above case, the importance of the Amoeba organization in Amoeba's operation. Amoeba's operation is not only a set of operating methods for improving the operating conditions of the enterprise, but also an effective system for cultivating talents. Amoeba's biggest interest point is to bred more people with business consciousness for enterprises.

    amoeba business philosophy advocates "everyone becomes an operator", hoping to maximize the subjective initiative of employees. When employees have such consciousness, enterprises must provide enough platforms for employees and use collective wisdom to operate enterprises. At this time, the division of the Amoeba organization is the best way to divide large enterprises into multiple small and independent Ampa, and select the appropriate leader to run this Amoeba. In this way, the company has changed from an operator to multiple middle managers to assist the management of the company together, which improves the operator's work efficiency, so as to better regulate the company's development direction. In the long run, the segmentation and decentralization to the middle manager to manage the small Amoeba is to cultivate more outstanding business talents for enterprises.

    A operators of Amoeba must master the work progress and financial situation of the unit. This requires the company to sincerely publish relevant data and some of the company's planning goals and confusion. Under such circumstances, the operators and members of the Ampa Group can easily participate in the operation, and form an atmosphere of "everyone is an operator" throughout the company.

    Che years of management consulting practice experience, I think the division of Amoeba organization is mainly the following practical methods:
    Report; be sure to choose Amoeba leaders.
    Among them, Amoeba leaders need to have the conditions to operate awareness and business capabilities. Operating consciousness refers to the leaders of Amoeba. Can gradually decompose an abstract goal into daily work behavior.
    amoeba organization can be divided into four forms: cost type, profit type, capital type, budget type.
    Amiba organizations are divided into any department and unit suitable for enterprises. According to the four forms, they can better clarify the nature of each Amoeba and divide the Amoeba organization. A big amoeba can contain different forms of small Amoeba, which are divided according to the nature of the work. Don't mistakenly think that a company or an amoeba must have a unified form.
    amoeba is divided into four dimensions: products, regions, customers, and value chains.
    The four dimensions based on the division are conducive to entrepreneurs to solve the confusion of only dividing by the administrative structure.

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