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  1. It is the group friends gather together! The group friends mean people and the masses. Of course, it is not a casual group of people, but a certain relationship, such as QQ group friends, a group of friends of a certain academic group. It depends on who you are in your group. Now the weather is good. You can choose to go to some attractions to spring tour
    . You can exercise your body and relax!
    The group friends gathering notice 1
    The group friends:
    Hello everyone!
    to increase the friendship between group friends, strengthen each other's understanding and understanding, and meet more new friends. After negotiation and discussion, the first group of friends will be held on the XXX year on October 26th of the XXX year. I hope everyone can actively participate.
    At present, the quality of the friends in the group is good. But there is less communication, maybe everyone is busy and understand. It is not necessary to ask every friend to come to the group every day. When it's okay, it is also good to communicate and communicate.
    It should be explained that everyone is friends in the group, and everyone is the owner, because the group is everyone. If there are only group owners and management, without everyone, the group is not a group. I hope that in the group, friends can laugh and humorous, talk and laugh, and talk about the ancients of the Taoism, and the world, and add a "net" endless fun to our lives.
    Is we should cherish fate. The world is very large, and it is not easy for everyone to gather together. I hope everyone will sign up!
    ① Event content: (1) Dinner (XX Dongshan List) evening: 18: 00-20: 00
    (2) KTV carnival (XX Dongshan Fuhua) evening: 20: 00-22: 00
    ② Activity description: This activity is made of AA, which is charged at the party. : Xx
    The financial director: XX
    Plip to go back to each family to find each mother ~
    If love at first sight, you can continue to rub the spark of love ~
    1. Due to the weather conditions or irresistible factors, the organizer has the right to adjust the schedule time.
    2. This event is a voluntary participation in individuals. !
    The group friends party notice 2
    In order to enrich the amateur life of group friends, enhance the friendship of group friends, and strengthen collective consciousness, this group specially organized this year's first group party, please compete to tell you to register enthusiastically Essence I wish you all a pleasant party!
    The arrangements for this party will be arranged as follows, and please invite group friends to participate and provide more reasonable and comprehensive suggestions. Time: 16:30 pm on January 26th, XXX (tentative)
    . The place of gathering: Backmen Bacile Park, Fengtai District, Beijing
    . Meeting activities content: The first knowledge between friends , Self -introduction, Hi Ge, Drinking, Songs and Dance (Defined according to the actual situation)
    . The party consumption: no offset or discount on the day of the event.
    . Essence Essence
    The above is the main content of this party. Other shortcomings are also requested to discuss them together and make modifications at any time.
    I registered comrades, please contact the administrator in the small window, leave a contact number to confirm, the deadline for registration is 1 pm on January 25th.
    registration method:
    1, name:
    2, telephone:
    3, q Q:
    ## Registration group friends, please contact management in time ##
    ** Please pay attention to personal and property safety **
    * *It is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking! Instructions for group friends gathering activities

    This in our group are all single men and women. They eat alone on weekdays, and they are shopping alone. It is normal to feel lonely. It is for this reason that many group members want to participate in the party.

    . Generally speaking, the gathering activities in the group can be divided into two ways

    The spontaneous organization of party members is the comparison of some people chatting in the group. When they are familiar, they have a time and place to meet each other. You can meet some outdoor attractions to play, or you can meet some consumer venues, dinner, singing, etc. ...

    The members who are participating in the event can be decided after chatting and interactive discussion in the group. It is some free outdoor attractions without any cost or expenses. If you go to some consumer venues, the cost is generally AA.

    The group members' spontaneous organizational gathering activities are characterized by low cost and free and flexible.

    Cope organized by the organizer for the purpose of dating and dating. This kind of gathering is generally organized by some wedding and love agencies, with fixed places for gatherings, detailed procedures for activities, professional professionalism, professional professional Driven by the host, the theme of the event is to make friends and make friends, and arrange a game link with friends to meet each other's understanding of each other.

    This time and place for this kind of party activities are generally set in advance. The sources of members participating in the party are relatively extensive and can have members of this group or other members of the group. Participating in the event requires registration in advance, and there is a certain registration fee.

    The advantage of this gathering activity is that the theme is clear, suitable for those single men and women who are eager to get off.

  2. It is the group friends gather together! The group friends mean people and the masses. Of course, it is not a casual group of people, but a certain relationship, such as QQ group friends, a group of friends of a certain academic group.

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