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  1. The application of the former blockchain technology is in a period of exploration. There are more conceptual things. The actual real transactions and real projects may be less in actual landing. However, some industries have now begun to try blockchain technology. The analysis of Jinwo Wo Networks believes that within three years, blockchain technology can be in -depth with the industry. Blockchain may be sharing economy, supply chain management, digital numbers The three areas of asset management have landed.

  2. Newton’s blockchain industry application
    1) Chain merchant retail: Under the corporate organizational structure, capital returns have far exceeded labor income, accompanied by a new generation of giant retail institutions developed by computers and the Internet, accelerating wealth. Capital gathering. Chain dealers are the basic business model of the human -machine community, and any behavior that has positive contributions to the human and mesh population will be inspired. The chain business model is used in the retail industry to reduce transaction costs, protect consumer privacy, and promote intelligent collaboration.
    newmall: In the Newmall Online Mall, due to the existence of no profit -making commercial agencies, the cost of sellers will be significantly reduced. Participants such as consumers and service providers can obtain incentives for Newforce to obtain Newton’s incentives. Essence
    The new digital asset management: Consumption data, as a user’s new digital asset, can be managed through NewPay and other tools. Users truly have data, perform authorization control, pricing and charges, etc., to prevent unknown data leakage.
    targeted: Users can set whether to accept marketing through tools such as NewPay, as well as the required information type, price range, etc. Advertisers set marketing solutions through various marketing intelligent contract templates built into various marketing smart contract templates, including: target users, incentive models, settlement methods, dynamic price adjustment rules, etc. Advertisers can accurately put advertisements and settle points with users to prevent advertising fraud.
    2) Payment: The current payment cost is higher, the efficiency is low, and the flexibility is poor. Through blockchain and other technologies, a new generation of transactions and payment systems can be constructed. IoT devices based on NewioT technology can access Newchain at a very low cost, and smart contracts can be established between devices to achieve automatic settlement and payment to meet the high frequency requirements in this scenario.
    Global payment: Newchain infrastructure and NewPay payment tools distributed in the world are simple and convenient for cross -border transactions, and the cost is extremely low.
    3) Supply chain: Commodities usually pass through many links such as logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, sales, etc., and finally delivered to consumers. When after -sales service, there will be a corresponding reverse process. The current supply chain is basically opaque. It is difficult for consumers to confirm the origin of goods and circulation information. For some industries, such as food, drugs, luxury goods, this is a big problem. Therefore, it is very important to open up and transparent and credible supply chain systems to all stakeholders.
    The combination of technologies such as atomic hash, Newiot, NewChain and other technologies, the supply chain system will be credible, open and transparent, and generate more business innovation.
    4) From finance: The traditional financial service system audit workload, long cycle, high cost, poor flexibility, usually difficult to serve SMEs and individuals. Through digital identity and credit, a new type of self -financial system can be established.
    Enterprises and personal credit: Enterprises and individuals establish a consistent credit system based on Newid. Only after authorization can the third party get credit records.
    Assets token: Through smart contract templates, financial organizations can create financial products that do not require human participation. Through the NewChain -based related token tools, various assets can be easily transformed into a token on the link.
    5) Gaming: By combining with blockchain technology, you can create a new gaming experience: users are both players and regular participants, virtual game assets belong to users.
    If virtual game asset automatic transactions: Through the cross -chain and prophet technology provided by Newchain, virtual items in various games can be easily recorded on the blockchain and can realize automated transactions.
    Cimm transparent games: Game developers can easily establish algorithm transparent game logic through Newchain related smart contract tools to improve the fairness and transparency of the game.
    6) Agriculture: At present, there are problems such as incomplete data and low degree of automation. Blockchain combines IoT technology, which can automatically collect, store, and analyze production data, eliminating high maintenance costs of centralized management systems, reducing the cost of later maintenance, and helping to improve the intelligence and scale of agriculture.
    Agricultural product traceability: By introducing the new IoT equipment compatible with the new IoT equipment into agricultural capital circulation, agricultural production, agricultural product sales and other processes, the safety and efficiency of the entire agricultural production process can be used. In scientific research and anti -counterfeiting.
    Sminton planting: By compatible with the new IoT sensor compatible with the Newio standard IoT sensor, it can achieve all -weather monitoring of the planting environment and crop growth. Combined with NewAI to make intelligent decisions on the surveillance results, a complete intelligent planting system is constructed. You can find it in time to find out Risk, stabilize yield income.
    7) Public welfare: Blockchain technology can naturally meet the needs of the public welfare field by virtue of its decentralization, high transparency, and non -tampering of information. Public welfare organizations can store full -process information such as good fundraising, project progress, good use, and feedback from the recipients on Newchain, which is convenient for donors and the public to view.
    Properative audit: Public welfare activities require public welfare audit to improve efficiency and maintain trust. Through NewChain, Newid and other technologies and protocols, each donation will be checked. Public welfare agencies can track the situation of the later stages of rescue objects through relevant tools, which helps enhance the fairness and transparency of public welfare.
    Wildlife protection: Using NewioT technology, rare wildlife resource data can be recorded on NewChain, which can be tracked to the location and body indicators of each specific animal. Key information help.

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