jewelry clothes wholesale How is the exchange rate between various currencies calculated?

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  1. custom jewelry design wholesale I am not a professionals, but I have seen such an article and think that what he said is relatively related to LZ questions, and it is also a starting point that I know about this. When the Bank of China exclusively launched a long -term foreign exchange settlement business in 1997, the price of four -month foreign exchange settlement of four months was announced by 8.4 or even when it reached 8.5, which was about 8.27 normally. The price settlement price is much higher. At that time, as the Asian financial crisis began, the currency of many Asian countries was impacted and depreciated significantly. The rumors of the RMB depreciated were rumored. The company does not understand that it is worried that this is the prelude to the devaluation of the renminbi, or it represents the trend of the devaluation of the renminbi, because they believe that if the RMB does not depreciate, the foreign exchange rate is 8.27 today, and it is 8.27 after four months. It can provide a four -month -old exchange rate of 8.4. By then, if the market price is lower than 8.4, Bank of China will definitely lose money, and the bank will definitely not do a loss of business, indicating that the exchange rate of the RMB after four months is at least the at least the exchange rate To depreciate to more than 8.4. In fact, this is because many companies do not understand how the price of long -term foreign exchange trading is formed and calculated. For example, after three months, the US dollar must be exchanged into yen. What should I do? There are two methods, one is now exchanging the US dollar to the yen and the schedule of the yen for three months. The other method is to save the US dollar for three months. Essence The yen obtained by these two methods must be the same, otherwise the market will have the opportunity to arbitrage. However, the interest rates of the US dollar and the yen are different, so the exchange rate levels used by the two methods are also different. The first method uses a period of exchange rate, and the second method uses the long -term exchange rate. Therefore, the long -term price is mainly formed by the interest rate difference between the two currencies of the two currencies. If the US dollar (that is, the first currency or the currency that remains unchanged) is a A currency, and the yen (that is, the second currency or the currency of the numerical change) is the B currency, their long -term calculation formula Yes: Long -term exchange rate = duration exchange rate duration exchange rate × (b borrowing interest rate -A borrowing interest rate) × long -term number ÷ 360 from this computing company can see that under the condition of the period of the period, the long -term exchange rate is mainly compared with The interest rate difference between these two currencies is related to the number of days. The long -term exchange rate If the interest rate of the B currency is higher than the interest rate of A currency, the nodule value in the formula is positive, and the long -term exchange rate is higher than the right -time exchange rate. The interest rate of the currency is lower than the interest rate of A currency. The medium bracket value is negative, and the long -term exchange rate is lower than that of the period. When both the interest rates of the two currencies are determined, the longer the long -term period, the larger the water rising point or the water paste point, and the greater the price difference between the long -term exchange rate and the time exchange rate. For example, the one -month interbank borrowing rate of the US dollar is 2.46 %, the interest rate of the Japanese yen is 0.11 %, and the cosmetic exchange rate of the US dollar / yen is 120.45. / The long -term exchange rate of the yen is: one -month USD / yen exchange rate = 120.45 120.45 × 0.11 % -2.46 % × 30 ÷ 360 = 120.45 -0.24 = 120.21 also That is to say, the US dollar / yen pastes at 24 points a month. It is not difficult to understand why China ’s long -term foreign exchange settlement prices in 1997 are as high as 8.4. At that time, the RMB funds market was short, and the borrowing rate of the RMB peers was as high as two digits (assuming 13 %), while the US dollar borrowing interest rate was less than 5 %. Phase / RMB exchange rate = 8.27 + 8.27 × 13 % -5 % × 120 ÷ 360 = 8.27 0.22 = 8.49 So in that year, the RMB exchange rate will not depreciate. The higher long -term foreign exchange settlement price will sign a long -term exchange agreement with the Bank of China with foreign exchange with future export revenue. When other companies can only use the 8.27 time -to -date card price settlement, they can already enjoy 8. 3. 8.4 or even 8.5 long -term foreign exchange settlement prices handle export and settlement, less than 100 million US dollars of exports, and these companies have obtained hundreds of additional foreign exchange settlement business in the Bank of China "foreign exchange cubes". Exchange income of 10,000 yuan. Similarly, in 1999, due to the concerns of inflation in the US economy, the Federal Reserve Bank increased the interest rates of the US dollar many times, causing the US dollar interbank interest rate to 6.5 %, and the interest rate of the RMB fell to about 3 % significantly to about 3 %. , Make the Bank of China's long -term sales and selling licenses from a large increase to a large amount of water. The four -month -old long -term exchange price is less than 8.2, which is nearly 8.3. The price of the card is sticked 01. Many companies that need to buy US dollars to pay imports have signed a long -term exchange contract with the Bank of China. The company's operating benefits. The computing formula for the long -term exchange rate is a computing formula in the international financial market. Through the calculation formula, we can find that: A / B currency has nothing to do with the future change trend of the two currency exchange rates of A and B. The exchange rate of the currency will fall in the future, but it only indicates that the interest rate of A currency is higher than the interest rate of B currency. Similarly, the long -term exchange rate rising rate does not mean that the currency exchange rate will rise in the future, but it indicates that the interest rate of A currency is lower than the B currency of B currency. interest rate. The long -term exchange rate is only related to the interest rates of the two currencies of A and B and the number of days in the long -term. Mastering this is very useful for our use of long -term business prevention rate risks.

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