jewelry wholesaler in warsaw poland Who is Arsenal's head coach?

jewelry wholesaler in warsaw poland

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  1. kundan jewelry wholesale delhi Arsène Wenger

    birth date: 1949.10.22

    Height: 1.91 meters (6 feet 3 inches)

    project project : Football

    Location: Coach

    Nickname: Professor (Professor)

    The background of the honorary doctoral doctor will speak 5 languages, French people who are familiar with sports psychology, and glasses with glasses. So Palol gave him a nickname "Professor". At the same time, the professor also knew the architectural design. The locker room of the chiefs (now Arsenal) came from his hand.

    Player Position: Guard/Clear Daofu

    Cantonese translation name: Yunjia

    October 22, 1949, born in Stras, France, France Fort;

    In 1969, signed a contract with Muzege to start the player career;
    n in 1979, representing the Strasbourg team to win the French champion;

    1980 retired;

    1984 starts the coach in the South Tin team;

    1987 served as the head coach of the Monaco team;
    n 1988 After the player Hodel and Hartley, the Monaco team won the French League championship;

    In 1991, the Monaco team defeated the Marseille 1-0 and won the French Cup champion;
    r In 1992, the Monaco team led the European winner Cup in Lisbon, Portugal, but lost to the Bundesliga team to defeat the runner-up with 0-2; The ninth was fired;

    In 1995, he came to the J -League of Japan to coach the Nagoya Whale Eighth Team; the same year was named the best coach of the Japanese J -League; The Eighth Team won the Japanese Emperor Cup and the Japanese Super Cup champion; in October, he landed in the Premier League to coach the Arsenal team and won the third place in the league in the first and incomplete season of Arsenal;
    r In the N1997-1998 season, the Arsenal team won the league and the Football Cup double championship; the best coach of the Premier League year was rated;

    1998-1999, the Premier League runner-up;

    1999-2000 season, leading the Arsenal team to the European Union Cup final, but in the finals they lost to the Galatasale team in Turkey; runner-up of the Premier League; Lead the Arsenal team to win the runner-up of the league. In the FA Cup final, 1-2 lost to Liverpool to win the runner-up again;

    2001-2002 season, leading the Arsenal team to win the Premier League championship, in the FA Cup finals 2-0 defeated the Chelsea team to win the championship and won the second double champion;

    2002-2003 season, the Arsenal team reached the Football Finals for the third time, and defeated Southampon 1-0 The team won the championship; in September, in the league with Manchester United, Arsenal conflicts between the two sides. After the game, 4 players in Arsenal were punished by a suspension; The team won the league championship for the third time and reached the quarter-finals of the championship league; on October 24, it was defeated by Manchester United 2-0 in the league on October 24, ending 49 undefeated records.

    2004 ~ 2005, led Arsenal to win the runner -up of the league, but defeated Manchester United in the FA Cup finals, won the champion
    n2005 ~ 2006, Arsenal in the domestic field Poor performance and won the fourth league, but in the championship cup, he tall and led Arsenal to the finals. Unfortunately, in the case of most of the time, he lost to Barcelona in the final stage.

    This of the bird's nest Wenger

    2006 ~ 2007, leading Arsenal to win fourth place.

    2007 ~ 2008 season, leading Arsenal once ranked first in the Premier League list for most of the time. Unfortunately, in the post -stage, it was not good in the future. The defending champion AC Milan defeated the defending champion, in the quarter -finals of the Champions League.

    2008 ~ 2009 season, led Arsenal to get the fourth league again, but they broke into the semi -finals in the FA Cup and the Champions League. Win any championship title.

    The perfect combination of Wee and Arsenal for more than ten years, Wenger's achievements for Arsenal are obvious to Arsenal. However, in addition to the results, Wenger's contribution to Arsenal and even the entire Premier League is also very prominent. of. Graham won the 8 championship trophy for Arsenal, and Wenger is only 7 to this day, but no one has compared them. In addition to the difference between kicking and scenes, the "professor" returned to the league to win the championship. Two doubles, one undefeated, can be described by greatness.

    Arsenal has Wiming, so he also has Henry. With the later Fabredas, a new stadium, with today and tomorrow. But for Wenger, Arsenal is not a reasonable club, a good platform that shows talents. To this day, you have never heard any contradiction between Wenger and Vice Chairman David Dunn and Chairman Hillwood.

    will not be opposed to Arsenal fans. Wenger is the greatest coach in Arsenal's history after the war. But when he took office, everyone had so doubts. "Ashina? Who was Ashina?" The title of the British tabloid reflected the public's voice. They don't know, what can be improved Arsenal with such a nerd expression.

    In after joining Haibli, Wengge first did to win the locker room. At that time, Arsenal's locker room was controlled by Adams, a typical England gang. Adams, Kion, Moson, and Palol, etc., need alcohol, or even drugs at all times; improper training, walk into the stadium from the tavern weekend. But Wenger changed all of this. He first persuaded the captain Adams to restrain drugs and banned alcohol, which gradually moved to the road of the locker room to the road in his design. In the training ground, he segmented the subjects and refined each item to seconds and the athlete consumed by the athletes consumed by the athletes. Energy value, quantitative and scientific, greatly increase training efficiency. In addition to the training, he completely changed the team's diet, abolished the previous series of British recipes, and turned the past, such as fried fish and potatoes into pasta and vegetable salads. Especially on the game day, five or six hours before the start of the game, he asked the team to eat together, and from then on the physical condition of the team in the second half of the team.

    of course, the most significant change is the performance of the team on the court. Before Wormge took office, Arsenal was a famous ugly team in England, especially in the Graham era, "1-0 sullen egg, stuffy egg Arsenal", and the gunner is the laughing stock of all England. Wenger also admitted that he had heard of it before, but did not take it to heart. Since then, he leads Arsenal to the opposite road. The offensive, smooth and wonderful, becoming a keyword, even if the defense is a bit fragile. Viera, Aneerca, Ovamas, Petty, with the introduction of these players, coupled with the former Wright and Poggam, Arsenal gradually became the most beautiful team in the Premier League. Afterwards, Henry and Pray were introduced, and Arsenal's ornamental level can also be one of the best in Europe, although the results in the Champions League have not been ideal.

    During the plastic surgery of the team, Wenger also realized Arsenal's Frenchization. Simon Barnes of the Times has commented on this. Now Arsenal is already French, London, very luxurious, proud, and even very narcissistic. And this is also a controversial aspect of Wenger in England. Many people think that this Arsenal now has no soul of England. But the vast majority of Arsenal fans, although they are also native England, northern London, they do not think this is a problem. Beggamp also said before his retirement: "Now Arsenal is a European team. But who can you find players such as Henry and Viera in England?"
    n n n n n n For more than ten years, Wenger has achieved the honor of the league three crowns and the honor of the Double Crown of England in Arsenal. Especially in the 2003/2004 season, the team achieved 38 undefeated championships throughout the season; last season, the team also historically broke into the Champions Cup finals. But what is more significant is that in the five years from 2001 to this year, the club excluded all difficulties, and it established a modern new stadium in the crowded space of Hebeli, which laid for Arsenal and Wenger's great ideals. A solid foundation.

  2. nicole jewelry wholesale Arsenal's current head coach is Alseina Winge.
    Wenger, the world's top tactical master, Arsenal godfather. The best football coach in the world has taught Yugos, Monaco and Nagoya Whale Eight Football Club. Since 1996, he coached the Arsenal Football Club. After coaching Arsenal, Wenger led the team to win a total of 3 Premier League championships, 6 FA Cup champions and 5 community shield champions. The coaching of the grid has been controversial. In the end of the 133rd FA Cup final in 2014, Arsenal lost 2 goals in 8 minutes in the beginning, and reversed Her City 3: 2 in overtime and won their first championship trophy in the past 9 years. Essence
    In British media reports, Arsenal will sign a three -year New Testament with Wenger, with an annual salary of 8 million pounds, with a total salary of 24 million pounds (about 240 million yuan).

  3. private label jewelry wholesalers Arthur Winge, who entered Arsenal Money in Japan, coached in Japan. In addition to Ferguson, the entire Premier League is a professor.

  4. jewelry making supplies wholesale atlanta The first foreign coach in the history of the club, the first foreign coach in the history of the club, transferred from the Nagoya Whale Eight Team in Japan in 1996

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