How is masturbation the best method

Sex can be said to be an indispensable normal phenomenon of adult men and women. Normal sexual intercourse can bring happiness to both men and women, but if there is no other half. So, how is masturbation the best way? There are other ways to masturbate, but we have to choose the right way.

1. The best way to masturbate is to stimulate the penis. To pull oneself, hold the erect penis up and down with one or both hands with some lubricant or saliva. Some guys want to reach to the top of the glans every time they pull. This stimulation is usually accompanied by holding the testicles in one hand, or wrapping them in a soft cloth. Another method is to pull the scrotum with one hand, but not overly rough. ​There are real life love dolls.

2. The best way to masturbate: Use a recliner and lotion. A male friend lies on a recliner and applies some lotion. Rub the torso, glans and testicles with one hand, and massage the back end of testicles to the anus with the remaining hand.

3. The best way to masturbate: It's six-finger magic. Men rub their thumbs and middle fingers and forefingers up and down around the penis until orgasm.

4. The best way to fuck off: the ball holder. The man uses his left hand as the hemisphere, holding the testicles and pulling with his right hand, adjusting the speed, slowing down when the orgasm is quick, then increasing the speed and ejaculating several times. You can use your hands to pinch the testicles during ejaculation.

5 masturbation the best method: is a sudden storm, quick pull penis, can be coated with some lubricating oil or soap bubble end. There are tiny sex dolls.

6. The best way to masturbate: This is the friction of the torso. The man lies down and rubs the middle torso between the glans and testicles. In this case, masturbation can last a long time.

7. The best way to masturbate: slapping, hands on both sides of the penis, slapping back and forth, or slapping the abdomen with one hand.

8, the best way to masturbate: is friction, prone posture, read some erotic literature, rotate the buttocks, let the penis resist objects, such as bedding, pillows friction back and forth, or between the abdomen and the penis, back and forth between the pillow and the sheets between the penis, the morning can try rough penis.

9. The best way to have sex: simply jump in. Some male friends see holes and want to insert them. Men who grow from their hands to watermelons are sensitive from their hands to watermelons and even to toilet rolls. Only by turning the foreskin down can it bring him pleasure and reduce the friction of objects such as the penis.

10. The best way to masturbate: With a simulated vaginal hand, rub your hands with some water-melted lube and then grab your penis. Feel the hand has a wet vagina, slowly insert, caress.

How not to be obsessed with sex?

First of all, middle-aged men frequently have sexual problems, possibly especially men in this age group work pressure, need a head of family, normally more social, home will be extremely tired, slowly not sex cold, or no sexual fun, occasionally sexual dysfunction, they are difficult to look up in front of the wife, how to let middle-aged men get rid of sexual problems?

In addition, middle-aged men with sexual problems generally need additional exercise. No matter what they do, the body is our foundation. As long as our body is strong, it will be lower than the invasion of all kinds of bacteria. The same goes for sex. Without a healthy body, they will feel tired during sex. After a long time, they have no strength. They think it's extremely physical work, so we don't crave sex as often. ​Normally, we must do active exercise. We can play Taijiquan, jog and do some aerobic exercise.

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