wholesale virgen maria jewelry How to write recruitment ads

wholesale virgen maria jewelry

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  1. wholesale filigree jewelry Recruitment advertising techniques:
    1, the recruitment information is written to who to see, and a clear positioning for your goals.
    2. Determine the release of the media. Now most of the recruitment advertisements are issued on the Internet, so you can write the recruitment information in detail to the greatest extent to match candidates; in addition to sending information on the Internet, there are still recruitment now. The form of recruitment in the form of on -site recruitment needs Most of the recruitment information needed to be simple and clear recruitment information, so that candidates can quickly decide to apply for themselves.
    3. Express the advantages of the company, such as the company's popularity, if the company has a certain reputation within a certain range, it can be appropriately described in the recruitment information.
    4. The description of the position should be directly. When the candidate sees it, you can describe it through the position description. For example, the daily work of the position, the company's work hours and benefits, they need to write clearly in the recruitment information, write the benefits and others, so as not to delay their time with the candidate.
    5. The salary should be stated. The most attractive candidate on the recruitment advertisement is the salary treatment. For unclear salary, it is difficult to attract candidates to submit resumes. In the interval, candidates feel that this range is appropriate to deliver.
    6, the company's location and the company's telephone must be clearly marked, and some of them will also write the traffic guidelines to the company, so that they will attract candidates invisible.

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