What are the drainage advantages of HDPE carat pipes

What are the advantages of HDPE as a popular drainpipe?

Below and HDPE pipe fitting suppliers together to understand.

1. ​Considerably shorten the construction period and reduce the difficulty of construction

Because HDPE carat pipes are considerably lighter than cement pipes and easier to insert, a tiny model is recommended. Cement management for 20 years has considerably reduced the difficulty of construction, HDPE carat pipe light weight, no loss.

The mass weight of cement pipe is not easy to transport and install. This means that when the earth's crust is likely to shift, in the event of subsidence or earthquakes, the HDPE pipe can be resistant to deformation without breaking, and the builder must be responsible.

2. The permeability of HDPE carat pipe is considerably lower than that of cement pipe. There are cement pipes all over the country. Due to sewage leakage, ground subsidence and interface fracture. Calculate the same flow less than 2%, cement pipe will not cause secondary pollution to groundwater, thus increasing the permeability of the pipeline.

3.​ HDPE pipe has a smooth inner wall and is smaller than a cement pipe. In practical applications, HDPE pipe is mainly made of polyethylene resin for a surface roughness coefficient of 0.014 cement pipe, which is easy to use during transportation and installation.

4. When the pipeline through the current, slope and buried depth at the same time, HDPE pipe will not occur ground settlement or crustal changes. HDPE pipe elongation is 20 times, but has the properties of silicate, corrosion time is lengthy, the service life is considerably reduced, but HDPE pipe is considerably better than steel, but also significantly better than brittle PVC pipe. It was confirmed that the Hanshin earthquake in Japan did not cause the pipeline to break, and the construction period was considerably shortened to ensure the effective connection.

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