1 thought on “What are the prizes rewarded by party members?”

  1. Legal analysis: There are many party building gifts. Party building gifts are generally used for souvenir gifts made by party members' commendation or party members' learning and party members' group building activities. They can also customize gifts according to the requirements. The price should not be too high.
    The legal basis: Article 4 of the Chinese Communist Party Constitution enjoys the following rights:
    (1) Participate in the party's relevant meetings, read relevant party documents, and receive party education and training.
    (2) Participate in the discussion of the party's policy issues in the party's meeting and the party journal of the party.
    (3) Suggestions and initiatives of the party's work.
    (4) In the party's meeting, there are any organizations and any party members who criticize the party based on the party's meeting. , Requirement or removal of incompetent cadres.
    (5) Exercise voting rights and voting rights, and has the right to be elected.
    (6) When the party organization discusses and decides to decide or appraise the party discipline of the party members, I have the right to participate and defend, and other party members can testify and defend him.
    (7) If there are different opinions on the party's resolutions and policies, it can be retained on the premise of resolute implementation, and its opinions can be made to the party's superior organization until the central government.
    (8) The party's higher -level organization made requests, appeals and accused until the central government, and asked the relevant organization to give a responsible answer.
    We -party organizations of the party until the central government has no right to deprive the above rights of party members.

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