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  1. 1. One ring
    If your relationship is stable and the intention of getting married, it is recommended that you customize a DR ring that can only buy one DR ring with your ID card and only buy it once in your life. The ring is most suitable for your beloved person, representing "only loves you in your life". At the same time, this ring can also be used as your engagement ring. The price of the ring is three or two thousand, and there are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. If you serve as a birthday gift, choose the price of 3,000 or two thousand.
    2, a true love necklace
    can give her a true love necklace, as the name suggests, true love necklaces are suitable for your favorite person, love is not made but made, a true love necklace is better than thousands of words Because it can let your girlfriend see your sincerity. The price of the necklace is one or two thousand, and there are also five or six thousand, so you can buy it according to your own conditions.
    3, a sweet bracelet
    can give her a sweet bracelet, the bracelet is excellent, suitable for men and women couples. The bracelet is both a "love", and in my life to protect the relationship between you, send her a bracelet to indicate that you will have a lifetime and spend your life.
    The above three are the birthday gifts I choose to help you choose. You can consider it as appropriate according to your own conditions. The best gift is not expensive but attentive.

  2. I am very happy to answer your question.
    1, Ton Fairy Baseball necklace niche girl heart sterling high -level sense
    This type of chain necklace is a niche brand. It has a beautiful, stylish and unique appearance, which is very suitable for girls to wear. Sending her girlfriend a necklace, she will definitely like it and enhance the relationship between the two. Every girl has a dream, that is, to be a heroine in a fairy tale world, living a beautiful and happy life. This chain is based on this design concept, inspired by the magic stick that can perform magic, which means that every girl wearing can be thoughtful.
    This in the center of the pendant of this chain has a beautiful and elegant gemstone. The gems are inlaid with Swarovski's stones to add color, and use handmade inlaid technology. In a bright place, you can reflect the bright light. Show the beautiful temperament of girls.

    2, Swarovski Black Swan large silver necklace 5347329
    This jewelry is very beautiful, with high sales, and it can also show the temperament of the wearer and increase her to increase her charm.
    This chain price is around 900 yuan. Although it is a bit expensive, it is made of real and beautiful materials. The necklace material is imitation crystal stone, with two colors, which are gold -plated rose gold and white gold. Wearing it on the neck can reflect a sense of high -level. The length of the necklace is 40cm and can be extended by 5.6cm. The pendant is a swan, which can choose the color of the swan, including black, blue and silver.

    3, Pandora necklace
    This chain is very beautiful, the name is also nice, called the heart of the ocean, buying a girlfriend, she will definitely like it.
    The size of this chain can be adjusted, paired with other string as a pendant. It uses rose cutting and circular cutting. The pure dark blue brings a vast ocean. The side of the pendant is a hollow heart type, which can map the love shape through the cut surface.

    4, I do Round series 18K gold diamond necklaces
    This chain is relatively expensive, about 2300 yuan, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose to send one to his girlfriend. Diamonds are jewelry that every girl likes very much. Because diamonds have a very high hardness, they are often used by people to compare loyal love.
    This chain is relatively simple and exquisite as a whole. It is made of 18K gold and is inlaid with diamonds in it. It looks beautiful. This chain adopts a classic rings inlaid design, which brings extraordinary sense of power with a simple style. The rules' geometric aesthetics and two -color contrast design are cleverly integrated. Rich changes. This money chain pays tribute to the pure love of minimalist beauty.

  3. 1. The letter necklace
    The letter necklaces are generally a comparative necklace of the name of the couple or the woman's name. It is a necklace customized based on the text and symbol customization. Compared with other mass -produced necklaces, the uniqueness of the letter necklace makes it more expressive, showing his own personality, and given your girlfriend as a birthday gift.
    2, amethyst bracelet

    The ancient saying is cloud "30,000 miles in the east, and the saints travel west". Purple represents Xiangrui and noble in Chinese traditional culture. December of Jinafu, even more blessing love.
    3, earrings
    . Your girlfriend may like necklace, earrings, rings and other jewelry. Earrings are also perfect gifts for girlfriends. Simple and stylish earrings will deeply attract your girlfriend's eyes And after wearing it, she will also look dazzling and more beautiful.
    This to remind: No matter what gifts, the man must buy it according to his own financial ability. Do not buy a list of ornaments far beyond his ability in order to please your girlfriend!

  4. Send girlfriend diamond ring

    Perhaps your girlfriend is cute, maybe romantic or more realistic. No wrong. The diamond ring represents an eternal commitment, the expectation of love. You can also propose to her at this appropriate time.

    In giving a girlfriend necklace

    Perhaps your feelings are not so long, sending diamond rings may seem urgent, so on your girlfriend's birthday, you can also send her a necklace and a bracelet for a bracelet. Or one watch, etc., the price can be purchased according to its own economic strength.

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