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  1. Although the breakfast shop is small, it is also a good business. Jun does not see many breakfast stalls and has a monthly income of tens of thousands. If you want to make a breakfast shop, what are the causes of closure?

    1. Selection. Who is the group faced by the breakfast shop? Generally, the elderly are more inclined to cook by themselves. Most of them are too lazy to do young groups, or buy them because of their tight working hours. Essence The owner of the state near the commercial building does not recommend it. One is that the rent of the store near the commercial building is expensive. Increase the types of cooked food and meet the needs of many consumers).

    2. inertia. It's tiring to open a breakfast shop, so I need to get up early to prepare. This is an example of the Bangzhu. Someone got up at 2 am and started to prepare. At 5 or 6 o'clock, people who responded to the morning to buy breakfast. At 7, 8 people, the most, it is necessary to be busy until the end. So a few hours in the morning in the breakfast shop, missing a day's consumption.

    3. Adjustment. Now people are not satisfied with the requirements of "can eat". Does the product conform to the taste of the locals? Is the environment clean? Is cost performance reasonable? Is the meal process fast? They will affect the evaluation of customers. Especially for the working people, most people choose to buy it along the way. If they wait too long, they will lose customers.

    The breakfast shop similar to porridge and snacks starts to enter the lunch market. For consumer groups that are more concerned about health, you need to adjust the porridge side dishes at noon.

    4. Breakfast market potential is huge, but compared to dinner and fast food, the profits are thin. This is why the breakfast market is difficult to develop.

    . The same is the same. Compared with dinner and fast food, the cost of breakfast shop is lower. If there is a stable source of customers, it is still a good project.

    . Breakfast is a very important category of catering and entrepreneurship, but breakfast is also the most difficult category in the operation process. The biggest feature of breakfast in various consumption in the country is that the price is cheap, but it requires fast to be fast. It is also necessary to be nutritious and delicious. It is really difficult to make these points difficult. Because the breakfast price is low, it is necessary to support the operation of the store. Therefore Pivotal.看了无数多创业者瞄准早餐项目的,但成功的不多,我总结各店失败的原因无非如下:rnrn一、产品缺乏特色,同质化竞争严重rn
    The varieties of many businesses aiming at breakfast, thinking that everyone is used to eating breakfast outside. Buns, steamed buns, and porridge are the best varieties, and everyone will do it. Many breakfast streets, buns and steamed buns on the street. Such examples are very obvious. At this time, breakfast shops need to compete for dislocation. You can try to add fritters and hemp gardens in such streets. To meet the needs of misplaced competition.

    . The problem of site selection is prominent

    The breakfast must be selected in the area where the flow is concentrated, near the subway entrance, office building, and community center. The flow of people is very concentrated, and such a breakfast shop is easier to survive. But consider the direction of the flow of people, whether it is convenient for buying.

    . The problems of the rest of the business period

    The operation hours of breakfast are concentrated before 10 am. The problem of business varieties ensures that the store has a high utilization rate, so that the operating costs of the restaurant are low enough, and the chance of successful projects increases greatly. Consider related varieties suitable for fast food.

    . Breakfast shop, it looks like the simplest business. In fact, there are many operations and management requirements behind it. If you do it with a little heart, you may kill it than your peers. You can only close the door.

    The breakfast shop near the company before, not far from the light rail, the traffic flow is not bad. However, this shop is made of Shandong pancakes. Now it is made. You need to make the pancakes first, and then add eggs, ham, and meat pine. I started to feel that the business of this shop was okay, and I always looked at many people lined up. However, there was another similar breakfast shop on the opposite side. Soon many people turned to the opposite shop, why? Because each time I have to wait for a long time in this shop, not only because of the number of people, but more because the master moves slowly, it can't get a pancake for a long time. The elder sister on the opposite side was moving, and the money was paid directly with WeChat and Alipay. Moreover, the taste over there is better.

    In fact, the operation of this breakfast restaurant has certain representativeness.

    First of all, the location of the breakfast shop is very important. If the traffic is small, it is destined to make money. After all, the breakfast shop is mainly one or two hours, and there is almost no business at other times. There is another situation that there was a large company nearby. Later, the company was relocated as a whole. In this case, it was almost difficult to open.

    Secondly, the speed of meals. Most of the people who eat breakfast are in a hurry. Many people don't even sit down and hurry to walk in their hands. Therefore, no matter what breakfast you sell, the speed is very critical. In the meals and money collection, the action will save time for these young people, and it also brings a good feeling. The makeup in the above case is not suitable for breakfast, because it is time -consuming to do it. In contrast, those selling buns, steamed buns, soy milk, etc. have time advantages. In the same time, sales may be greater.

    Third, the taste of breakfast. Although breakfast is dealt with well now, breakfast suitable for local people is undoubtedly more popular. No matter what breakfast is, it is not required to be very delicious, but at least it is not difficult to eat. This is the basic standard, otherwise, there is no next time. Of course, breakfast at the same price, who has better taste can win users. You know, young people in the office often communicate while eating!

    The fourth, price and portion. This is not the most critical among young people, but it is still something that the owner of breakfast shop must consider. The price of quality and low price is the most wanted user. Therefore, the balance of price and portion is critical.

    Finally, the service of the clerk is also important. This service includes both verbal, as well as the health in the store, etc., you must keep up. Do not care about this because of saving costs. This will make you lose money and eventually embark on the road of closing.

    Whether it is a breakfast shop in rural areas or in the city's breakfast shop, the business is very hot every day. There is no problem with each month's monthly income. But no matter what kind of shop is open, if you do not operate well, you will face the risk of closure, what is the reason why the breakfast shop may go down?

    Whether you open a breakfast shop or other types of shops, if the location is not good, then you want to do a good business later. Selection is like the foundation of the house, which is a key beginning.

    . Breakfast shop is generally selected in places where office workers and work races or students can be selected. You can choose outside the residential area, outside schools, and office buildings. Every morning, you have to go to work and There are a lot of people in the school. They do n’t have time to do or eat breakfast at home. They usually go to breakfast shop to solve it.

    This should not be selected in the business district, because the rent in the commercial area is expensive, and there are better restaurants, and the competitive pressure is high.

    The shop hygiene is like a person's appearance and poor sanitation. Customers will feel that the breakfast requirements of this shop will not dare to eat, so few people will patronize.

    This and hygiene is done, but the breakfast is not delicious and there will be few customers. Although the office workers and the students are very hurry, the quality of breakfast still has the quality of breakfast. What required is not the past "can be full", but a question of good or bad.

    The is usually very hard to open a breakfast shop, because you need to get up early and get up at three or four. You will not get up early. The golden time of the breakfast shop is just a few hours in the morning. If you don't grasp this important time period, the customer will naturally lose. How can you make money? To do a line, you must love one line and do it well.

    icidate to choose the site, do a good job in the store, make the breakfast delicious, and diligent in myself. I believe that the daily business will be very hot.


    did you open a breakfast restaurant? If you think there are any reasons for the breakfast shop, please leave a message and comment below.

    The main causes of closure. I summarize a few points. Specific adaptation of local conditions, the location is very important. You must not be able to do without the passenger flow. I opened a few breakfast shops, and the business was hot at first, and finally moved my stones to smash my feet.

    In 2014, I opened a bun shop opposite a large supermarket. The daily traffic of the big supermarket was very large, but I was in a bleak business. Local, business must be very good. The real opening of the bun shop has made me unexpected! After finding 3 employees, I wanted to have a minimum turnover of more than 1,000 a day, and actually sold 200 yuan a day, which made me very surprised. Later, I found that the reason was simple. I ignored a big problem. There were railings in the middle of the road. Even if there were many supermarkets, no one turned less than half a meter railings. Half a monthly closure. So the location is the most critical.

    It 2015 I was unwilling to find a facade for buns for breakfast. After taking the last lesson, I chose the school gate this time. Without a railing, the turnover of about 1500 per day is very happy and successful! Later, in order to reduce the cost, the price of beef was high in the cost of adding chicken in it, and the consequences were very serious. The business was not as good as graduating one day after March! Learn another truth. Do not cut corners to reduce materials and reduce costs. Can be chaotic, not messy.

    It a few days I was looking for a place to open again. I think of the business principles

    1 Sanitary 1 2 Nutrition 1 Trip 1 4 Speed ​​1

    Must persist.

    The lessons that can not be bought for money.

    The question I have the most right to speak, because I really did it, and finally stopped the breakfast again. Let me introduce it in detail. Operating four kinds of porridge, soy milk, tofu brain, churros, hemp, sheep, three types of hand rolling noodles, and cold dishes, all of them are made. System, a master, two apprentices, porridge, a master of cold dishes, soy milk, tofu brain, churries, Master Ma Ye, two people in the front hall, three west waiters, a total of about 32,000 %Of the gross profit, you have to sell 64,000 breakfast for a month to get the salary of the workers. If you need to add some rent, the water and electricity may sell 90,000 to a little profit. The breakfast is finally closed. The per capita consumption of 60,000 per month will need 15,000 customers. There are 500 daily, there are a variety of things, and the nutritional balance is difficult to make money. It is difficult to spread faster than the speed. It can only reduce the variety, but at the same time, it will lose customers. In the end, I will stop at a glance. It can be said that the best choice of per capita consumption is less than ten yuan, and only one type of noodles is paired, or soymilk, tofu brain, churros and hemp leaves. Three times the apprentice salary. Can't afford to hurt! So you see that the big shop does not sell breakfast, it is really difficult to make, and the neighborhood relationship is not easy to do. You want to prepare a lot of food at 6 o'clock. If the family can make a hard work if it tastes for breakfast, you should not make a hard time. Do not casually Han, specifically refers to the north. I have not opened the store in the south, so the point of view does not include south of the Yangtze River.

    . Breakfast shop ... The most important thing is: variety and price!


    I is a standard foodie, whether it is breakfast or Chinese food, let alone dinner, as long as I want to eat, I want to eat, as long as I want to eat, Even if I go far away, I will run for a trip. I used to miss the grilled fish of the roasted meat chicken in Xi'an too much. I deliberately took a plane to Xi'an to eat barbecue, and then drove (from Xi'an relatives) to go to the treasure chicken, eat grilled fish ... and then in the Zhou Dynasty Flying back to the evening.


    It back to breakfast ... I want to say: For breakfast, I am also running around Within 5 kilometers of the company, I have eaten too many different breakfast, so I also saw too much closure, and the breakfast shops that were more and more steaming. The overall view is as follows:

    --- ------

    1. Breakfast carts, which are mainly cold foods such as bread and milk, are basically a shot to change the place because the continuous purchase is not strong. rn rn ----------- rn rn 2、品种要多一点……豆浆、油条、小笼包、稀饭、肠粉,只要你Guarantee that there are four choices or more, the business will be booming.


    3. A single category ... There is a breakfast porridge shop, I will order different porridge every time I go ... … There is only porridge there, there are about six or seven types, and they are lined up in the stainless steel insulation barrel, so there is no place to place other foods, and finally sold for more than half a year, and people leave. rn rn ----------rn rn 4、实惠最好……公司附近有一个早餐卖江西米粉的店(米粉、米线、广西米粉There are several types of noodles), a piece of powder 6 yuan. But there are many side dishes you can add for free. There are so many types ... Peanut rice, mustard, pepper rings, pickles, green onions, coriander, sour beans, tomato potato chips ... You read it right, just add it. However, because of the limited capacity of the lunch box, you can't get much, but this attitude is too appreciated.


    5. The price should be reasonable, so that the breakfast expenditure of most office workers is within 10 yuan. This is a must, the price of breakfast is high, and most people will not often patronize. Therefore, a shop near the company is very clever ... Breakfast sells a small part, 6 yuan. Scholars ... There are no small portions, all of which are normal 12-18 yuan. It is still a high traffic in the morning, middle and evening business. rnrn---------rn rn 总而言之……生活压力大,大家都在量入为出,但是又不会太亏欠嘴巴,所以……好而Not expensive, a bit delicious ... you can absolutely have a booming business.

    The fundamental reason for the closure of the breakfast shop in the catering industry for a long time, I personally think that the following points

    1. Rental issues. Now everyone knows that the rent is expensive. Even if it is a breakfast shop, it is not too much. The annual rent is 80,000 to start in our Jiangsu side. After the opening, if there is no certain turnover every day, the rent will not be paid at that time

    2. Breakfast shop profit problem. Breakfast shop is a small industry in the catering industry. A bun sells 1 yuan, and the cost will take 3-4 cents. Even if you can sell 300 buns a day, how much money can you make. Generally, the most small breakfast shop is about 500 buns. In addition to other things, the daily hair profit is 1000

    3. Artificial problems. The profit of the breakfast shop is rare, but the work is not good for a person. Then you have to ask for people. A person's salary is at least 3,000 on our side. In this way, the monthly hand is more than working, which leads to frequent breakfast shops. Drinking porridge, she gave the customer the seven points full of porridge, and the bowl was small and so little. I didn't meet like this at a restaurant. A pound of Xiaomi can make a dozen bowls. The key is so sparse. It is estimated that you can make 20 bowls of Xiaomi. It is estimated that there is a thickener. What can Duo Sheng a little bit! The old saying goes to help the dead, which is very profitable. The profit is lower, and the people can make money naturally.

    It is better not to put a one -time bag on the bowl, because this bag is very thin, and it will release toxic substances and cause cancer. Anyway, as long as I go to a certain restaurant for dinner, I won't go to the second trip to bags on the bowl. How much can you spend a minute of cooking a bowl, and you can save the money of the bag without polluting the environment. Everyone who comes to dinner will ask your plastic bag by the way? He is willing to set him up, and some people have cleanliness.

    The key point of opening a hotel should bring a cover cover and gloves to do a good job of hygiene. Generally speaking, as long as you turn on the early stalls, you need to be economical, clean, hygienic, good taste, good service, your shop must be very popular, and business must be good. It will be better to choose a good position.

    The breakfast shop is a store that is indispensable in every city. Now the pace of life has become faster. Many people can't keep up at home in the morning and go to work in a hurry! So the business of breakfast shop is generally better! In our city, there is a small shop selling fried buns. The entire store has less than 20 square meters, and the shop has been operating for more than ten years. The passenger flow is very considerable every day! The shop owner is driving now is a new Magotan and just bought this year. It took 260,000 full money to buy. Many say that the breakfast shop does not make money, this is a real existence! Although he does not have time to drive out every day, people can afford such a expensive car, which shows the problem. Back to the question itself, why breakfast shops closed down. There are several reasons! Let me analyze it!

    The taste problem

    The breakfast you made is not good, and the positioning is wrong. Like a breakfast shop in the north in the south, a breakfast shop in the south in the north. If you think of business like this, it is unlikely. Unless, the place where you open the store is the place where foreigners gather. In addition, the meals they make are not delicious, and people don't like to eat. This is also a large reason.

    It points: Geographical location

    The location selection of your breakfast shop, such as the gathering area of ​​work, and near the school! Business in these places will definitely be better. There are more places in the community. These people are anxious to go to work, and there is no time to cook in the morning. So when you are in a hurry, you will buy breakfast.

    The third point: business problem

    The shop I said on it. Although the store is not large, it is very hygienic and clean. The boss service is thoughtful. Everyone who came, whether they knew or not, greeted them happily. This kind of enthusiastic service, I believe many people will go to the store for dinner next time. If I went to the store, there was no waiter, and the rest of others would not be packed on the table. Then do you say that you will have a mood to eat?

    It pits: The problem

    is very hard to open a breakfast shop, but it is very hard. What is the hard work? I will get up at 4 or 5 in the morning, noodles, stuffing, small dishes, bags, fried fritters. Every day is very hard. Few people can persist for more than ten years. In this case, you will be lazy. Can you still make money when you are lazy? That is impossible!

    In the above, it is generally these reasons. There are more business that can make money now, but the focus is on the two words "persistence" if you persist, it will definitely succeed. You can make money!

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