Zhengzhou Nissan, which is precarious: What is the way to do without products and technology?

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  1. In 2020, Zotye fell down, Lifan was on the edge of the collapse, Brilliance was in a huge debt dilemma. The domestic car market's negative growth was normal in the epidemic test. Some companies with weak operating strength were facing survival challenges. Don't look at the above lists are independent brands. In fact, the knockout match is by no means an independent "patent". From the policy level, market -oriented reforms continue to deepen.
    The new car review will launch a series of manuscripts in the near future, and talk about joint ventures that are currently under the pressure of survival pressure. In this issue, I will talk about Zhengzhou Nissan from the perspective I see. Six companies including GAC Fick and Dongfeng Infiniti. It should be noted that this is just from the perspective of a media practitioner and talk about personal insights. It can be said that it is really difficult to stand and speak without back pain. Okay, don't plan to make any improvement opinions.
    Zhengzhou Nissan, who hadn't caught up with the market, was established in 1993, which was 10 years earlier than Dongfeng Nissan, and 5 years earlier than most Southern people's familiar GAC Honda. A veteran joint venture, I believe that at the beginning of its establishment, it also shouldered the expectations of Nissan's market layout. Looking back at the development history of 27 years, compared with the development of my country's automobile industry and the growth of domestic automobile ownership, I personally think that Zhengzhou Nissan is "getting up early, but not in the market", which is often said to be "bigger." Early, it was miserable to catch a late collection.
    The messenger. Around 2009, the awareness of Zhengzhou Nissan was a positive joint venture. It launched the NV200 and then pushed Zhengzhou Nissan into the peak period. In 2010, Zhengzhou Nissan achieved a historical height of 101,000 annual output sales, an increase of more than 70%. In my opinion of ignorant newcomers, with the technical support of Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan is "promising." Unfortunately, the development of the incident has not been as expected. By 2016, due to poor performance and other reasons, Nissan's personnel have all withdrawn from Zhengzhou Nissan. However, the first brother is like me, and I do n’t know the complexity of a start of capital, so that the fate of the company in the inland areas is more fate, let alone the manufacturing background of its light trucks will be transformed commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Marketing.
    The is the first three years I joined the industry. It is the most scenery of Zhengzhou Nissan. In the years after 2010, with NV200 and handsome guests as spears, Zhengzhou Nissan is actively aggressive and maintains the ambition to develop and grow. In 2011, it exceeded the target of 100,000 sales, reaching 116,000 units, an increase of 15.4%year -on -year. In 2012, the cumulative sales of more than 100,000 units. In 2013, Zhengzhou Nissan set the sales target of 200,000 vehicles. Many of them are purchased by local procurement.
    Stocks in Zhengzhou Nissan missed the two wave spraying periods of the Chinese auto market. The reason may be related to its positioning in commercial vehicles, and it is also related to the opportunity it misses technological development. After introducing NV200 and handsome guests, Zhengzhou Nissan did not introduce any more common sense products in the country. There was a pickup market that did not fire in the country for a while. Not big, and was quickly done by the Great Wall. Zhengzhou Nissan has never found his own sense of existence, and has been left by the mainstream in the production process.
    MPV lost the pickup and couldn't afford it.
    The first highlights of Zhengzhou Nissan. As far as I know, it was introduced by the NV200. By 2011, Zhengzhou Nissan was in good condition. The NV200 handsome sales sold 40,000 units an annual sales, and on the other hand, the pickup market Ruizhen bicycles set 44,000 units. However, after that, there was no product that could take over the changing market. By 2015, the production and sales of Zhengzhou's daily production and sales fell to 35,000 vehicles.
    MPV products are obvious. Two Nissan models have launched some small modifications. With the independent brands of Wuling Hongguang, Baojun 730, and Auchan, NV200 and Shuaike have no advantage in prices, and they are gradually marginalized by the market. Basically, it can be said that the MPV market is thrown clean, no room for rotation.
    The domestic pickup has always been a small market. The annual output is about 400,000 to 500,000 units, but it is such a market. Zhengzhou Nissan still encountered the "force majeure" opponent, the Great Wall. Great Wall pickup has been sold first in China for 17 consecutive years. Zhengzhou Nissan, who has a joint venture background, is also "difficult to move" in the pickup market. The arrival of Navara won a wave of calls with the positioning of passengerization, but soon the Great Wall gun appeared, and then I felt that there was nothing about Zhengzhou Nissan. It can be said that the road of pickups in Zhengzhou Nissan is the road to suppress by the Great Wall, and then even Jiang Ling couldn't do it. For Zhengzhou Nissan, pickups can't be affordable and can't let go.
    Today, Zhengzhou Nissan's sense of existence is even more weak. There are really no products that can think of it.
    In future? I hope there can be
    These years, the existence of Zhengzhou Nissan feels that it is a full -time foundation for Dongfeng Nissan. The specific investigation of the sales volume was startled. This company (including Zhengzhou Nissan/Dongfeng style/new energy) has not been sold for more than 3,000 units for 4 consecutive years! I can't help wondering, how did it survive? How will it survive? Under the state -owned system, you may be able to say that these are not a matter of worrying, but Dongfeng Group has not tried to retreat. We have not forgotten the cases of Dongfeng Yulong and Dongfeng Renault.
    It, to some extent, the survival of Zhengzhou Nissan is a time, nor is it a matter of time. It has been unable to rely on its own business to make blood, and sooner or later, it will be cleared, but even if it does not retreat in a short time, it will not be in exchange for time or investment.
    In 2013, Dongfeng Group supported the development of independent brands and created the "Four Winds" matrix. At that time, Zhengzhou Nissan launched the joint venture independent brand Dongfeng style, and obtained investment to create models such as MX5 and MX6. Then, it quickly returned to peace. In fact, Zhengzhou Nissan did not do any technical and research innovation, but it was just to take the old Qijun to change his face. Of course, the market will vote with your feet ruthlessly.
    The past, is there any chance of Zhengzhou Nissan today? Leaving aside the development level of the software and hardware of the production line that cannot follow the times. Zhengzhou Nissan has not accumulated any decent core technology in recent years. This is the biggest pain. In the stock market, the more fierce competition, the new forces of car building are busy innovating and continuously innovating dry goods. In order to maintain their status, the old car companies will be desperately followed up. In this case, they will be farther and farther.
    The editor said:
    2018 The car market exits negative growth, and the data in the industry issued a policy call simultaneously. Many people think that it should push another wave of purchase tax to stimulate the car market. However, everyone saw that letting you grab the ground, and the policy is free. As a result, the decline in 2019 is larger than the previous year. This shows that in terms of the continuous opening up of China's economy and promoting marketization, the auto market has not been alone. It is also a big principle to compete in the market. It also reflects that the protection shield in front of state -owned enterprises is quietly fading. If you cannot implement self -hematopoietic function in a limited time, any joint venture background will eventually become the cannon fodder of the market.
    This from the authors of the car home car, does not represent the point of view of the car home.

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