Large-scale battery energy storage technology

Recently, the State Key Laboratory of New Energy and Energy Storage Operation Control of China Electric Power Research Institute held the 2018 Science and Technology Open Day. Visitors from China Agricultural University, North China Electric Power University and other universities and enterprises walked into the battery energy storage technology laboratory.

Since the battery energy storage technology laboratory is committed to the research and development of large-scale energy storage technology and is closely connected with people's production and life, it has attracted great attention from visitors.

Research and test the internal and external characteristics of batteries

In the battery external characteristics experiment area, technicians introduced various environmental simulation test chambers and battery charge and discharge testers of different specifications to the visitors.

All charge and discharge testers in the experimental area can be controlled through the control platform in the monitoring room, so as to realize different charge and discharge procedures and operating condition regulation.

Put the battery into the environmental simulation box to set the environmental conditions, and conduct a charge and discharge test on the battery to obtain the external characteristic parameters such as the discharge capacity, energy density, cycle life, power characteristics, and failure performance of the battery under certain conditions.see more:500ah lithium battery

The battery internal characteristic test area is equipped with a complete battery internal characteristic test platform, which can study the microstructure, structure, element composition, and thermodynamic characteristics of key battery materials.

By comparing various internal characteristic parameters in use and after failure, the experimenters can obtain the failure form and influencing factors, analyze and evaluate the performance, advantages and disadvantages of the existing battery from the perspective of battery internal characteristics, and determine the use of the battery. Principles and performance improvements have a very important role to play.

According to technical personnel, the core of the battery safety problem is the deterioration of the internal reaction. By building a battery external and internal characteristic detection platform, the laboratory combines the external and internal characteristic parameters of the battery to study the coupling relationship between the internal and external characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, and establishes a battery state evaluation and analysis system to provide large-scale storage of lithium-ion batteries. The security of the application is provided.

Assess battery safety risks

At present, battery safety is a common topic of concern to the whole people. According to technical personnel, battery safety problems are mainly attributed to two aspects: one is the characteristics of the battery itself, and the other is unexpected external events or improper application of the battery.

There are a series of potential exothermic reactions in the battery system, which are the root causes of battery safety problems.

If the battery encounters some emergencies or improper use, such as overcharging, hard object puncture, extrusion, high temperature, it is easy to cause a series of physical and chemical reactions in the electrode, electrolyte, diaphragm and other materials, such as positive electrode decomposition, diaphragm Damage leads to internal short circuit, etc. These reactions generate a lot of heat. Once the heat cannot be dissipated in time, the thermal runaway of the battery will occur, causing the battery to catch fire and explode.

The technicians especially reminded that once the battery burns and explodes, special attention should be paid to prevent the debris, smoke and shock waves generated by the explosion to ensure personal safety.

In addition, the technicians also explained to the visitors the focus of battery safety evaluation technology and the simulation method of safety issues in different scenarios from the two application scenarios of electric energy storage and electric vehicles.

Introduction of Battery Energy Storage Technology Laboratory

The Battery Energy Storage Technology Laboratory of China Electric Power Research Institute is an important part of the State Key Laboratory of New Energy and Energy Storage Operation Control. At the same time, it has the research, development and testing capabilities of battery materials, monomers, modules and systems. The overall research and experimental capabilities of the laboratory are at the leading level at home and abroad.

The laboratory focuses on the field of large-scale energy storage technology. At present, the key technology of the new energy storage battery body, the internal and external characteristics of the battery and the detection and evaluation technology, the integration technology of the energy storage battery system, the basic theory of the application of the battery energy storage system, and the operation and maintenance technology of the energy storage power station5 Carry out technological breakthroughs in each research direction, and focus on solving the key technology and engineering application difficulties in large-scale energy storage. Relevant achievements have ensured the safe operation of batteries in large-scale applications, laid a solid foundation for the practicality and industrialization of battery energy storage technology, and provided strong technical support for the research and development of "smart grid".see more:lithium golf cart batteries 48v

The laboratory also carries out testing of battery products, establishes a scientific and complete battery evaluation system, provides a technical service platform for battery-related users, conducts product technology research and performance testing, promotes product innovation and technology upgrades, and promotes the field of battery energy storage. healthy development.

In 2015, the battery energy storage technology laboratory passed the CNAS/CMA certification. On the one hand, the laboratory provides a powerful research and test platform for scientific research related to battery energy storage; Experimental detection, experimental research and mechanism analysis.

At present, the laboratory has built the first special testing platform for the safety of lithium-ion batteries dedicated to energy storage in China, which is matched with the research platform for internal and external characteristics of batteries, forming a comprehensive testing platform covering the complete system of energy storage batteries.

The laboratory has established extensive and in-depth cooperative relations with a number of domestic and foreign mainstream battery manufacturers, application units, and research institutions to conduct battery performance testing, product finalization key parameter evaluation, and application feasibility evaluation, etc., for the innovation of related products, Product performance improvement and technology upgrade provide a huge guiding role.

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