How to get men to peak sexual pleasure?

Orgasm is the ultimate goal of sex, which can make the body and mind more enjoyable and enhance the relationship between couples. But with the pace of life accelerating and the pressures of life and work, numerous men are experiencing sexual anhedonia at a youthful age. Try these tips and the sexe doll to improve sexual pleasure.

How to make men's sexual pleasure soar?

1. Wear cotton underwear

Polyester underwear inhibits sperm production. Polyester and cloth underwear will generate electrostatic field in the penis tissue, which will reduce male sexual function, so men should choose loose cotton underwear and underwear with excellent air permeability.

2. Alternate showers

Under the condition of maintaining a certain indoor temperature, take a bath by alternating hot and cold water. First into the bathtub, and then out of the bathtub, with cold water impact genital parts for three minutes, genital contraction and then into the bathtub, repeated 3~5 times, can enhance male energy and sexual ability and reduce sexual fatigue.

3. Exercise

In the sexual process, the male pubic bone and coccygeal muscles play a vital role. As long as you can strengthen the muscles of these two parts, you can increase the blood supply to the entire pelvis and genitalia, promote sexual ability, prolong sexual life time. Men can find the pubic coccygeus muscle through the method of urination, conscious exercise, typically about a month can find that sexual function has been enhanced.

4. Take more physical exercise

Exercise increases oxygen levels throughout the body, boosts testosterone production, keeps the reproductive system active, and maintains male sexuality. Vigorous exercise at least twice a week, such as strength training, running, brisk walking and jumping rope, will boost energy, relax the body and mind, improve sex and make it easier to orgasm.

5. Gently close your eyes and meditate on a lovely woman

In your spare time, you can close your eyes and think of yourself with the perfect woman, or imagine cheap sexdoll details. This can increase the production of male hormones in the body and increase the sensitivity of the body's closed organs to sex.

6. Stimulate the inguinal canal

The groin carries blood to the genital area, and by stimulating the groin canal, sexual function can be improved. The specific method is to use two fingers from the top down to press the root of the genitalia, which can stimulate the blood flow, every night before going to bed massage once.

7. Push the envelope once

Choose the number of consecutive runs according to your age and physical strength, until you are exhausted. The main idea is that when the reproductive system is heavily stimulated and energy is used up, it makes sex more powerful.

Warm Tips

Men may wish to try the above 7 methods to improve sexual ability, at the same time to adjust to the diet, generally eat additional zinc and selenium-heavy food such as kelp and seaweed, oysters, etc., can achieve the effect of tonifying the kidney and aphrodisiac, but also improve male sexual function.

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