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  1. On March 11, 2021, heavy news came from the currency circle: the three major exchanges were blocked!

    Bitcoin stopped here? Intersection

    Perhaps, blockchain technology is coming?

    01 Why isn't it directly banned the exchange?

    The answer is that there are, because it cannot be banned.

    This transactions in China have been banned. The current trading platform has been registered in some countries abroad and is a formal and legal trading institution abroad.

    of course, Weibo is an Internet platform in China. It is a matter of banning the "3" Weibo.

    The industry insiders believe that the policy that prohibits domestic exchanges abroad has not changed. There were also Weibo numbers before, but Huobi and Ou Yi had been fine. This time they were sealed, indicating that the supervisor's mouth tightened.

    has been inquired. As of press time, the Weibo number of Huobi founder Du, Ouyi CEO Jayhao and the founder of Binance Zhao Changpeng have not been banned.

    02 3 banned exchanges?

    If the ban is not banned, many people do not know 3 exchanges.

    At least, I don't know all.

    firecoin —

    Beijing Huobi World Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a digital currency transaction company. Founded in Beijing on December 18th. On April 4, 2014, Huobi.com obtained the top tens of millions of RMB Investment A round A Capital A in Wall Street's top venture capital institutions. In August of the same year, Huobi.com acquired the Bitcoin wallet "fast wallet" and the bitcoin block query website Qukuai.

    The September 2018 Huobi Group obtained a license to the Japan Exchange.

    Ouyi exchanges are a digital currency exchange such as Bitcoin. Later, it was changed to the Ouyi Exchange, and users can trade digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. The founder is Xu Mingxing.

    Ouyi registered in Malta. Hong Kong listed company Meitu invested in Ou Yi in 2014. In the near future, Meitu purchased a large number of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which should be placed in the mining pool or currency pool of the Ouyi Exchange -the recently rising Bitcoin, obviously there are too many people who buy Bitcoin. , I ca n’t say that I have no goods, right?


    Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange. Convenient blockchain asset exchange services, aggregating global high -quality blockchain assets, dedicated to building a world -class blockchain asset trading platform, has provided trading platforms for more than 100 cryptocurrencies. In September 2019, Binance's US compliance trading platform was launched.

    On January 29, 2021, Binance launched Binance Pay, and users can directly pay with cryptocurrencies.

    (the above information comes from Baidu Encyclopedia and the official news media released)
    03 What did the three Weibo do?

    The Weibo of these three exchanges can attract traffic for their own platforms.

    Then, the attracted netizens may download, register, and log in to their platforms to engage in transactions. This behavior has been prohibited by the government in the past two years. The first prohibited was the Weibo Weibo. At that time, Sun Yuchen asked Buffett to eat. But Huobi and Ou Yi have been fine, and Sun Yuchen's personal Weibo has not been blocked.

    Of course, if you do n’t have the individual, you can only say that this is the case. Maybe it would be sealed someday?

    For example of Sun Yuchen's Weibo, although it was not blocked, there was nothing on it. On the day of his birthday on February 21, a "Today is my birthday is my birthday today , Let me bless me "information.

    The Weibo that banned the "3", just repeated the previous approach:

    Trading platform drainage.

    This platforms cannot be managed in China. Those who can control the country are not to drain them. Besides, the transactions brought by drainage are clearly illegal in China. How can it not matter.

    It people say that Chinese citizens go to the platforms of those countries to trade without violating the laws of those countries; in accordance with Chinese law, they are not prohibited in their own country. Punishment; so the transaction is neither illegal, but also a free space.

    News to know, the Foreign Management Bureau has planned to let go of 50,000 US dollars for personal convenience to invest in overseas.

    04 The currency circle of Cao Yingxin in Han

    The transactions done are all done overseas, although many people's deities are in China, they can be regarded as "Cao Yingxin in Han".

    The individual citizens buy and sell stock securities or other goods on overseas trading platforms. It has a long history and is a common occurrence. Most of the time, it will not be banned by any country government - - Because it can't be prohibited, China has no explicit ban -after all, it is a legal trading in foreign countries (the sale of wild animals is prohibited). Domestic drainage is prohibited.

    Inned informed people, generally such transactions, first of all, the money must be put into the platform account, and then the transaction instructions should be used to the platform to buy and sell within the platform. In the absence of equal opening information, other countries cannot call the internal information of a country trading platform to find out the transaction content (there are really not many countries like the United States in the United States). China will not exchange its own trading platform information with other countries, so it is impossible to get information in a trading platform of a sovereign state.

    So the Chinese government has only prohibited platforms from opening to China, and drainage to overseas platforms should be regarded as a prohibited extension. From the public information, it has not banned Chinese citizens from participating in overseas trading stocks, funds and Bitcoin.

    05 prohibiting transactions and drainage are not prohibited from blockchain

    nThe blockchain tokens transactions, but blockchain is not prohibited from prohibiting blockchain technology. In the future, blockchain technology will not only be positioned in wealth, but also the development of science and technology is a basic consensus.

    Pan Feng summarizes the role of the blockchain into three categories.

    The first category is the verification class. The entire license in my country has reached billions of. Verification is to solve how to ensure that the "license" is the license, and "I" is my problem. After the identification and verification of offline to online, they must become smart contracts. This intelligent contract will make huge requirements for the effectiveness of the government's contract and the computing power of the background blockchain.

    The second category is the confirmation class. Although it is still during the epidemic, the judicial system, especially the Beijing court, did not judge some cases due to the delay of the epidemic. Many of them confirmed through the Beijing Internet Court.

    The third category is traceability class. Various government service products in Beijing, including health code and Beijing Health Treasure. These products have not collected the location of users. Many people will care: Since I have not collected my position, how do you know that I have been to high risk areas? The reasons are roughly divided into several types. The first is that users have traded in high -risk areas; the second is the user's high -risk areas of tickets and air tickets to provide information. Human face, determine that "you" is you, "I" is me. Health treasure also has data provided from the public security department. There are about 1,000 types of data in the background of the public security department. The data is concentrated together through the blockchain, including the user's entry and exit, banking, railway and other information. Only the ID number provided to the government service platform is a very stable and reliable data. The traceability class is found through the existence of data and the occurrence of transactions.

    06 5G why didn’t take off? Because the blockchain has not landed

    did you notice that the hot topic 5G in the past few years, the temperature has dropped significantly this year?

    5G why there is no continuous hotness. One of the important reason may be because the blockchain has not landed.

    In media reports:

    - "5G and blockchain can empower each other." Lu Tingjie, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, believes that 5G believes that 5G The interconnection of all things in the direction cannot be established only by connecting. "Who does it serve and who is charged? There is a ledger for each node; but the current accounting efficiency of the blockchain is relatively low, and the ledger has a number of servers in a distributed storage method to form a large -scale concurrent communication. The signal throughput is large. It cannot be supported, and it takes a long time to save it. "

    5G technology application mainly brings faster transmission speed, which is actually a double -edged sword sword sword sword sword sword sword , Greatly increase the risk of network security. Blockchain technology is an effective means to improve security. In addition, 5G's main users will be characterized by cloud computing cloud storage and point -to -point transactions. In other words, it is called distributed application (distributed computing and distributed storage).

    What is the blockchain? Distributed bookkeeping.

    So 5G and blockchain are natural partners.

    At present, domestic blockchain technology applications have not yet landed, so although 5G networks and mobile phones have a lot, related applications have not yet appeared densely.

    Yes, 5G not only means faster, but also means a completely different world, completely different lifestyle. However, it is not what this article is written, talk about it later.

    07 Blockchain is the key to the future

    If 5G is the door to the future, then the blockchain is through The key to the future.

    The people are well known. In recent years, China's huge changes have begun around 2014. WeChat Alipay brought -mobile payment, mobile phone booking, meals, and mobile phone taxis.

    is such a little daily small thing, let us seem to enter the new world overnight -a more technological future world.

    . We are currently just entering the lawn in front of the world.

    At this moment in 2021, we are standing in front of the real door of the future world -5G is this gate.

    Due to the construction of a large number of 5G base stations in China in the past two years, basically all mobile phone brands have also launched 5G mobile phones. Essence

    The blockchain is the key to open this door.

    The behind this door is the real future technology world. It is no exaggeration to say that technology can really change our living state.

    Perhaps, this disruptive change only takes a few months to complete!

    I can leak a little secret here (in the official language that has been released): such as value, price, transaction and service method ...

    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R N said that in the environment of 5G technology, the blockchain will promote productivity progress in a way to change production relations. I support this view.

    This is why we still can't see those currency circle exchanges at present ... not yet.

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