Detailed Overview of the Mozu Doll Melina


The Mozu Doll Melina is a premium lifelike doll from the Mozu series, inspired by the popular character Melina from Elden Ring. Its meticulous attention to detail and highly realistic appearance set it apart in the realm of similar products.

Design Features

Appearance and Dimensions

The Mozu Doll Melina is designed to accurately mirror the proportions of the original character, ensuring a high level of visual fidelity. She stands at a height of 163cm (5ft4), making her comparable to a real person in stature. Her facial features, body contours, and skin textures are carefully sculpted and colored to achieve an astonishing level of realism.

Material and Quality

This doll is made from high-quality silicone material, offering not only a realistic touch but also durability and safety. The silicone is flexible and tear-resistant, extending the doll's lifespan during use.

Functionality and Flexibility

Mozu Doll Melina features multiple articulating joints that allow for flexible movement, enabling users to adjust her pose as desired. These joints are designed to mimic natural human movement, allowing the doll to maintain stability while offering a wide range of motion.

Usage and Maintenance

Cleaning and Care

Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to maintain hygiene and appearance. It is recommended to use mild detergents and a soft cloth for gentle cleaning. Avoid using sharp or abrasive items that could damage the silicone material.


When storing, avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent material degradation. The best storage method is to place her in a dry, cool place, ensuring her posture is natural and free from any long-term compression.

Purchase Information

The price of Mozu Doll Melina reflects the high-quality materials and craftsmanship involved. While this may mean a higher budget requirement, the long-term value and experience it offers are unmatched. Detailed purchasing information and pricing can be found on its official website.

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