halloween jewelry wholesale How to deal with old gold

halloween jewelry wholesale

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  1. costume jewelry wholesale houston texas Selling, the old gold is usually sold by going to the gold shop to recycle. This kind of gold recovery does not distinguish the brand and the style, and the final price is determined only based on the quality and weight of the gold. Therefore, the price difference should be considered before recovery, because the price of recycled gold only considers gold raw materials. No merchant will pay a high price, no matter how beautiful its jewelry itself is.
    The expansion information: 1. The old exchange is equivalent to the equivalent exchange. Most of the golden stores have new services with old -fashioned services. Some brand stores only accept their own brand products, and some can accept other brands. When updating, we should pay attention to the quality and value of the goods. Some gold jewelry looks good on the surface, but the quality is not as good as your elderly jewelry. Overall, if your golden quality and weight are high, it will be more cost -effective through the cash back of the gold shop.
    2. However, if your gold jewelry is difficult to fulfill, it is also a good choice to discount with old cities when launching old -fashioned activities in Golden Store. 1.18k gold jewelry so -called 18K gold is 75%. The purity of the alloy is not pure gold, and the value preservation is very average. The cost of 18K gold jewelry is relatively low. The biggest selling point is technology and design. It will be outdated and the preservation is poor. Some men do not like to wear gold jewelry, but they want to bring some high -end jewelry to increase their value. They will choose to buy gold watches.
    3. But this gold watch only adds some gold to the frame, and the bigger selling point is the watch and unique style. Gold is not worth it. Therefore, when the style is outdated, the gold watch is no longer worth the money, and it will not preserve it at all. Hard gold bracelet Gold bracelet is a traditional gold jewelry. Now there are many 3D hard gold bracelets on the market. This bracelet looks highly cost -effective, but in fact, this bracelet is hollow, and the gold content is not much. So this bracelet does not preserve it.
    4. There are very few channels for recycling channels, but the more formal are banks and brand gold shops. However, due to the high credibility of banks and brand gold shops and consumer trust, these institutions have greater right to speak, and generally only recover their own gold products or gold investment products issued by designated institutions. The recovery price of the recovery price is based on the real -time gold price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, but it usually deducts a certain difference. If investors choose to recycle gold, the final recycling price will be 5-10 yuan lower than the market price.

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