How can Lanzhou's newly opened restaurant want to promote online?

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  1. To open a restaurant a little bit of idle money, it is a "idyllic dream" in many people's minds. Whether it is a star or a restaurant waiter, or some white -collar workers who are pursuing, families or individuals who have a little free money in their hands From afar, I want to eat the hometown of travelers .... Over the years, the catering industry has attracted a lot of cross -border TOU Zi, and it has also created the wonderfulness of this industry exceeding people's imagination.
    Chats, the threshold for catering is not high, but only those in the industry know that the mortality rate of the catering industry has been high for a long time, because you will only find that you will find it. Brand location, signature dishes, and even the tedious of the front desk kitchen, supply chain, and personnel management. How to solicit more customers through the Internet is enough to worry about everyone.
    "No less than re -learning an industry" is the personal feelings of many bosses.
    The network promotion guidelines on the Internet, either too subdivided or one -sided, it is difficult to let everyone have a full -scale understanding, and there is no dedicated to the catering industry. With the distress of the bosses, we have specially organized a "probably a comprehensive catering network promotion guide". I hope everyone is booming.

    . What are the forms of common network promotion?
    Let's briefly take the various forms of online promotion and take a look at the full picture of marketing on the Internet.

    1. Promoting Baidu. This may be a more way to use various merchants now, that is, everyone appears "promotion" when searching on Baidu. In addition to searching and promotion, there are now information flow advertisements (articles below mobile Baidu), mobile promotion (mobile search), online promotion (website advertisement), brand promotion (brand area, etc.), efficient tools (data statistics (data statistics )Wait. The payment method is mainly the form of pre -deposit service annual fee.

    2. Tencent promotion. Tencent is now a large Internet company in China, and there are more and more advertising products. Tencent has promoted includes QQ space advertisements, QQ client advertisements, Tencent Advertising (wide -point), mobile QQ browser advertisements, application treasure advertisements, etc. The advertisements are mainly reflected in some or social products.

    3. Ali promotes. Alibaba Group, a domestic big data marketing platform, has the HE heart business data of Alibaba Group. The forms mainly include Taobao's direct traffic, diamond booths, Majibao, Dharma sword, Zhi Wireless, online sales treasure, etc., mainly for push for product information. In recent years, there have been some promotion for physical stores.

    4. Meituan review promotion. In recent years, this merchant has contacted more in recent years. It is based on consumer behavior to push merchant store information. Advertising is spreading in all corners of Meituan and Public Comment. It is also a JI deduction for merchants to recharge.

    5. Baidu local through traffic. This product display platform includes three main channels: mobile phone Baidu, Baidu Map, and Baidu Nuomi. It is mainly based on "geographical location" to dig the fine zhun traffic within 5 kilometers around the merchant, which means that where the consumers are recommended by where they recommend him, they recommend him where to give him. The information of the information is closely related to offline consumption.

    6, today's headlines, a little information, a hundred family number, etc. These products can actually be compared with previous portals. The product itself has two changes. One is the mobile phone side and the other is the personalized recommendation of big data. The form of advertising is actually the same as the portal website. It is only more refined to display areas and displaying individuals. In addition, the form of information flow is added to integrate advertisements into native content.

    7, dual micro operation. Open WeChat public account and open Weibo account, go to new activities to interact with consumers in time. Everyone should know more about this, and they will play often.

    8. Weibo promotion WeChat promotion. Unlike the account that does not spend money, this is a dual micro advertisement that needs to pay for Guan Fang. Earlier Weibo fan passage, fan headlines, and WeChat friends circle and public account advertisements belong to this belonging to this. Categories, they still rely on big data technology, merchants are recharged inside, and paid according to the user point JI.

    9, vertical forums and apps, such as some food apps like the kitchen, Beita Forum, or forums of some local and food sections, etc., you can send some content yourself, but vote for it Advertising is also not refused, and the form of cooperation is relatively variable, and it can even help merchants ZU weaving offline activities.

    . Talking about key experience: Which "pit" must be bypassed
    It is not enough to understand these promotion methods. Merchants have to make a choice, and once the bad choice is made, the loss is lost. But everyone's hard money. In theory, there is no bad promotion platform, only the way of promotion that is not suitable for you. What are the unsuitable for catering merchants to pay attention? Let's list a few:

    1, big brands and small bosses Can't play together!

    This in the catering industry earns hard money. Even if some of the large -scale chains are made, the profits are also made by a shop and employees. It also needs to see the effect. Some of the promotion methods that are very good but burn money are not recommended. It is also wasteful to expose to the country without dead corners. Under this principle, Baidu's promotion and Tencent promotion will not be recommended to vote for RU. The vertical APP opening screen, etc., also feels like killing chickens. You can make some attempts according to your development. Of course, your budget has reached a million levels.

    2, the effect is a good thing, how can it be useful and useful

    The effect is the effect, but the effect and effect are different. For example Retail products are very useful, but it is a completely different field for catering merchants in the service industry. Another example is that Weibo Fantong and WeChat circle of friends may be exposed in good results, but after all, the advertisement is deep in the huge social information flow. One is that the user impression is shallow and it is difficult for catering merchants to continue to be put on. Second, because there is no data on catering transactions, the people they see are not necessarily potential customers. The more exposure, the more they may be wasted. The budget can be partially assisted in a portion of hundreds of thousands.

    3. Consider your own time, some "small investment RU big return" is wrong. I feel that as long as there is a clever energy on the Internet, you can get out of the air, and keep your advertisements very happy to accept it. calm down! There are so many white pie in the world. Jay Chou opened the Internet cafes and Nicholas Tse opened a restaurant, but most people do not have that influence, and the platform is not stupid. You can collect money sooner or later. There is also a very important point. The operation of "not spending money" such as Weibo, WeChat, and headlines may take the time and energy behind it may be more expensive than spending money, let alone the content of content production. The smaller the merchants, the more it is not recommended to do this. Everyone must create value. This energy may be better in the store service.

    4, vertical forum and APP: Are you really ready to be picky and cheap diners?

    It, a "fine zhun pit" that everyone is easy to step into, is vertical forum and APP, a small post, a large and platform -to -platform online plus offline activities. Indeed, it is indeed indeed Can you quickly attract a bunch of food foods in a short time -but think about it from another angle, do you have so good -looking foodies? Most of the bad words in the store may come from these people. They also think that this is a kind of objective attitude and the better shop. Some people want to pick out different slots from others. All the environment and services are carefully checked under the magnifying glass. Are you really ready for Michelin level?

    . The final Ji selection of catering merchants: Meituan promotion and Baidu local through traffic
    Essence Although there are so many promotion methods, the single trading platform model of traditional group purchase websites is no longer so useful, but if it is not surrounded by transactions, it is still difficult to truly meet the promotion needs of catering merchants on the Internet platform.

    So, in the comprehensive "transaction promotion" mode, plus the requirements of the RU can be controlled, the effect is refined, and it is not a waste of additional manpower and material resources. In fact, there are not many other choices for catering merchants.

    In my opinion, Baidu's local throughout traffic and Meituan promotion through the local consumer merchants are the next answer. You need to adjust according to your own situation. You can choose one or two. Of course, the two are still a bit different.

    First talk about the promotion of Meituan. The merchants who have done it will understand that there is a feeling of "love and hate". Love is because after the merger of Meituan review, it is already a platform for high -frequency trading. The user habits have formed. The hate is because this product is equivalent to the equivalent In the original pond, everyone was put on the cage. Whoever paid for it would be more, and it became a bidding tour that disappeared, making the merchant miserable. The powerful one like the "Lion Building" in Nanjing has increased by 31%year -on -year in group purchase transactions, but at the same time these advertisements displayed in various corners have also diverted the business of many other merchants. The left and right hands of "stock" changed. Voting is painful.

    Baidu Local pass through traffic is also good and bad. It is different from the left hand to the left hand of the Powers of the Mass Dagang Popular Reviews. The three major entrances of the map and Baidu glutinous rice quoted LiU, and the glutinous rice was also used as the transaction. In other words, what the merchant obtains real promotion does not affect their original group buying, and the money to buy is "incremental". And it is not important to buy a group, because it depends on the recommendation of location interest. Through your own store information, potential consumers near you can easily attract the store.

    It compares the promotion of the US group review and the local direct traffic of Baidu:
    Secondly, the two catering enterprise instances explain the selection strategy of merchant network promotion.

    The first is a well -known store in Chengdu. It is expected that the promotion budget will reach 1 million in 2017. The brand demand is stronger than the demand for single store transactions. Under such circumstances, in the upper table, they can already use Baidu promotion, circle of friends, vertical forums, Baidu local through traffic such as multi -channel integration. Moreover, because the enterprise has a certain scale, it is equipped with a special marketing department and personnel, and the platform that requires manpower management such as dual micro -operation, official website, headlines, etc. can also be used as conventional methods to form interaction with consumers.

    The attitude towards the promotion of Meituan reviews, a bone says that a lot of catering merchants want to say and dare not say. Although Meituan's review flow is large, it will hurt the group's single points to the merchant damage to the merchant. It is very large, and the services except the increase have not changed. Meituan should profit from the system, data, and promotion, not squeezing merchants.

    The other is He Shi barbecue. This is also a very mature catering company. The promotion of the main brand is still put on traditional channels to maintain a relatively stable situation, but it is promoting a new order. At the time of the product, they focused on Baidu's local throughout the traffic, but ROI reached 1:16, far exceeding expectations.

    This this also gives us an inspiration -the different promotion methods mentioned in this strategy can actually be flexibly selected, randomly strain, and use.

    . For example, a mature catering brand may have more RU brand advertisements to expand brand value, and the effect of pulling traffic is not appropriate because the brand itself is attractive. However, if this brand is developing new products, new sub -brands or new stores, it is necessary to seize the golden time to start in the local area. At this time, you can choose effect advertisements, and Baidu's local direct access to Baidu's local direct access. The car is a pretty useful, refined zhun.

    So, for small and medium -sized catering companies, instead of being in a strange circle of "no reunification and no passenger flow", it is better to find online and offline promotion channels. Start the breakthrough.

    The summary: Now the competition for catering is fierce, and it is difficult to achieve good results by relying on a single trading platform. The support of local transactions and large traffic platforms is a better promotion model for catering merchants.
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  2. One: First of all, you need to analyze the types of takeaway, food, fresh fruits, drinks and other categories.

    : Secondly, the type of promotion needs to be determined. Generally, it is divided into two types: online and offline.

    1. Online promotion:

    It online platforms are generally used in online platforms. Therefore, you can go to some local forums for promotion, or some QQ groups, classification information and other sites;

    can also set up local QQ groups or WeChat groups, etc. n
    At the same time, many takeaway platforms can also settle in, such as Meituan, hungry, and so on.

    This to confirm the distribution scope, such as food and other products, such as food and other products, such as the delivery distance is too far, the meals sent to the customer's hands have been cold, which will affect the taste and then affect the word of mouth;

    can choose a few distribution locations, such as large -scale office buildings, business districts, and houses. After that, takeaway categories, distinguish the grade, and then send out leaflets and post advertisements.

    This requires to start from the product aspect. The product is good enough to make a second publicity. It is recommended that the customer list table can be created. As soon as the customer introduces the customer to place an order, you can get a discount or discount.

    three: The last suggestion is "word of mouth to win the world". As long as the product is guaranteed, there is no customer.

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