jewelry necklace wholesale How to translate in English?

jewelry necklace wholesale

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  1. wholesale fashion jewelry shows
    [knˈsi: t]
    proud, proud
    hes full of conceit.

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    Conceit: Self -negative
    conceit n. Concerned, self -big. Conceiped adj. Concerned, self -high. Conceive v. Pregnancy, concept. Adj. Imagine, credible. Concerto n. Concerto. V. ...

    conceit: pride; self -proud
    conceit pride; arrogance. Expectation; ). Incipient started; initial (in cipi grasp ENT → Starting → start) ...

    conceit: Feelings, but still my love. confde v. Acknowledge; concession. Conceit n. Conceit fantasy, imagination. Unpalatable. 1. Yet the in Tome and Language Must Strike us, so soon as it is that speaks: that change should ...
    fancy : Luxury
    The variety of houses also have different levels, such as HUT divided into two types: CRUDE (rude) and SturDy (solid); and Resident has Common (ordinary), Spacious (huge), and Fancy Stately (solemn) four types ...

    fancy: Brahma jewelry
    Baccarat; · Fanzi jewelry fancy; · Kimbeli; · Rare Rare ; · Just Gold _; · Golay _; · Jaffe; · Jane Jinpin Jhan; · Fire Phoenix Fiery Phoenix; Fantasy
    2. Fancy Dream, Dream n. 1. [C] A Series of Thoughts, Images, and Feeling that you when you are sleep dream 3. [c] Wish wished to yearn; desire; dream ... .

    Fantasy: Magic
    In listening to the "Fantasy" (magic) and "Careless Whisper", it will make people think of WHAM! ( The era of might). At that time, there was a high school student named Georgios in the UK, with the same school ...
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    fantasy n. . FARCE V. Taga. Fascinate v. Make confusion. Adj. Popular, fashionable. FASTEN v. Fasting n. Fatal adj. ...

    fantasy: Vantexi
    [Album Introduction] The halo of the Taiwan Golden Melody Award [Best Record] and [Best Producer], Jay Chou's second album [Fantasy (Vantexi)] was finally in The expectations of thousands of fans are launched. This time Jaylen is still one. ...
    Source: music.163

    fantasy: The first airborne American announcement card list at the top of the women's bulletin board
    One Sweet Day (the longest single of the US bulletin board is the longest single), Fantasy n Source:
    Illusion Illusion
    [ˈlju: ʒən]
    ITS An Illu -SION.
    The sun looks like turning around the earth, but this is just an illusion.
    The mirrors all round the wall an Illusion of great space.
    The mirrors around the wall cause a large space for a larger space.

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    illusion: hallucination
    90's simplicity wind, the focus of the perspective is in "gauze sleeve", which is called Illusion, and it is also for it to pick it up. A charming Chinese name is "Elushen", which has a higher changes in real wear. In the spring and summer of 2003, Tom Ford, the former head of YSL to the original ...

    illusion: illusion
    Illusion. The autumn sea. 24. The last move tauchd for the very last time. R nillusion: Illustration
    harmony is coordinated, harmonious. N. Friends. Humor n. Emotion, mood. Illusion n. .rn来源: rnrnillusion: 魔术手法rnillusion n 幻想,错误的观念;错觉,幻觉,假象;魔术手法a 富有想象力的imitation n 仿制;赝品;模仿, Imitation A artificial, imitation, forged Immerse Vt is immersed in, ...
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    image image
    vt. R
    imagination, imagine
    i can image the site cleaning.
    I can clearly imagine that scene.
    Inned thoughts, guess
    Theres nobody following us —Youre Just Imaging it!
    No one follows us -you are just guessing.
    he is always imagiying dangers that dont exist.
    . He always thinks of those dangers that do not exist.

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    imagine: Imagination
    Sina Entertainment News According to a judgment from the New York District Court in the United States, John Lennon's famous song "Imagine) The 15 -second fragment is allowed to be allowed to be in the movie "Expelled: No Allowed), and also ...
    Source: ENT.SINA

    imagine: Imagination
    04 imagine Imagine 05 CHARIOTS of Fire Firewars 06 SACRIFIC dedication 07 One Moment in Time True Love Time 08 Song for the Lord Praise 09 Into Red Velvet red velvet ...
    Source: tieba.
    imagine : Telecommunications company advertisement
    imagine (telecommunications company advertisement) -KELKO Lee. 151; You spin me back (like a recion) (hand -telephone advertising song) -DEAD or Alive. 152; Paloma Blanca -George Selector ...
    Mirage rainbow rainbow
    nnnnnnnnn. n Rainbow
    when the sun shines through a light rain, it makes a rainbow.
    When the light of the sun passed through the light rain, a rainbow was formed.

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    rainbow: Rainbow
    The purchase of this product and Rainbow (Rainbow): ¥ 40.00 Purchase at the same time: ¥ 34.60. Basic information ...

    Rainbow: Bone Rainbow
    Cultivation: Rainbow (Bone Rainbow) Effect: Enhance the summoning biology level, increase the maximum life of life 5.LeeCh Blades Corpse witch Blade Cultivation: BONES (Bone explosion) effect: increase blood damage, the enemy will receive ...
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    mirage n [ Ʒmirɑ: ]
    Harm, no loss, seize today, imagine the future. Recent wish:, sincerely hope that every blogger will be happy and happy. n
    mirage: Mirach
    "Challenger" in the general article projector-Sanyo PLV- (GZ315), [12-19]. Ordinary article ) FRX series (Tommy), [12-19] ...

    mirage: Mergiri
    mirage China Petroleum Co., Ltd. is a top 500 company in the world. At this auto show, they brought the latest brand Mirage (Minegi) car oil. ...

    mirage: 蜃
    mirage 蜃 mire swamps degenerate; soft mure marsh sorting mire drainage drainage mire indicator plants Marsh indicate plants ...
    tision vision
    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnure That my vision is perfect.
    I to check my eyes and report my vision.
    Image (force), fantasy, hallucinations, dreams
    a menTal vision of success hope help procel -r n The success of success in the mind will help achieve actual success.

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    Vision: Vision
    Visaring Vision enriches people's communication and life. Mission Mission focuses on the challenges and pressures of customers' attention, provides competitive communication solutions and services, and continues to be customers ...

    tision: sound and shadow
    ... (Tourist owner) / Travel 141 Sound

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