Here are four health issues to keep in mind when it comes to getting things done

Sex life is an essential seasoning of life for both husband and wife, sexual health is not only physical hygiene, but also includes mental health, married women to understand the relevant health common sense, can make husband and wife feelings more intimate.

What health problem should newlywed female notice when sex life? Let mini sex.doll tell you.
1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Pay attention to personal hygiene before every sex, such as face wash feet and brush teeth mouthwash, wash private parts. Take a warm bath if you can. Sex after showering can make couples feel fresh and happy, and increase sexual desire. In addition, a warm bath can make the whole body blood flow more smoothly, bring benign stimulation to the reproductive organs, conducive to the couple's sex life. Some women like to spray perfume after taking a shower, but not too much. It can be sprayed on the front forehead, front chest, under the armpits and neck. Do not spray "under", or it will cause external genital inflammation.

2, do a good job of external genital cleaning

Both spouses should keep their external genitals clean, as there will be a large amount of discharge around the female genitals, as well as male genitals. So before and after sex need to be carefully cleaned, can prevent balanitis and pericarditis, reduce the risk of urinary system and reproductive organ infection. Do not use strong alkaline soap or body wash when cleaning, or it will bring strong irritation to the external genital mucosa. In addition, women should not douse the vagina with water, because the vagina normally has a self-cleansing function, its lactic acid fluid protects the vaginal mucosa and inhibits or kills harmful bacteria.

3, menstrual period can not have sex

Normally, a woman's period lasts three to five days per month. Menstrual endometrial exfoliation, fresh wounds in the uterine cavity, if sexual life will let bacteria into, thereby causing infection and inflammation of the reproductive organs, so prohibited sexual life during menstruation. If forced sex life causes pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis and adnexitis. Even because of salpingitis and lead to fallopian tube blockage or adhesion, cause female lifelong infertility.

4. Limit your sexual activity

During the first six months of marriage, the desire to have sex is intense and the urge to have intercourse is urgent, but it must be controlled. Healthy young couples can have sex two to three times a week after marriage. In fact, there is no certain standard of sexual frequency, mainly depending on the age of the couple, physical health, mood and mental state and fatigue. As long as you feel good and refreshed after sex. If the sex life after feeling weak, without any spirit, back pain, dizziness shortness of breath, loss of appetite, affect the second day of work, indicating that sex life is too frequent, need to control the number of sex life.

Warm reminder

Couples should pay attention to the above four points when sex life, every time there must be 10 to 15 minutes of foreplay, pay attention to the gentle action, can not be too rough.

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