To teach you about electronic components, which ones you know

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, electronic components are applied more and more widely in all walks of life. Do you know what an electronic component is? This article will explain the meaning of electronic components and common electronic components.

1. Development of electronic components

With the development of science and technology, electronic components have become an indispensable part of People's Daily life. They are becoming more and more powerful and advanced. The development of electronic components dates back to the late 19th century, when people began using them to control electric currents and voltages. In 1876, Edison invented the first electronic component -- resistance. This is Infineon-IPB180N08S402ATMA1. Then people began to make more electronic components for use in different fields. The development of electronic components is mainly influenced by three factors: the progress of science and technology, the growth of market demand and the reduction of production costs. The progress of science and technology provides technical support for the development of electronic components, the growth of market demand promotes the application of electronic components, and the reduction of production costs makes electronic components more practical. The development of electronic components will continue to be affected by these factors, and will bring more scientific and technological progress and application prospects.

2. Classification of electronic components

Electronic components can be divided into three main categories: semiconductor components, magnetic components and electronic circuit boards. Semiconductor components are components made of semiconductor materials, the most common electronic components is the transistor. Magnetic components are components made of magnetic materials, including inductors, capacitors and magnetic beads. Electronic circuit board is the circuit board components in accordance with certain rules for wiring, so that it becomes a whole component.

3. Overview of main electronic components

Electronic components are various and widely used. They are the basic components of electronic equipment and the key elements to realize the functions of electronic equipment. So far, the performance and quality of electronic components have been greatly improved, their functions are more and more complex, and the application field is more and more extensive. With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the technical level of electronic components is also constantly improving, which provides a strong guarantee for the performance of electronic equipment. Here are some common electronic components. 1, capacitor: capacitor is a charge storage device formed by using charge on the surface of the conductor, which is divided into gas capacitor, solid capacitor, liquid capacitor, film capacitor and the capacitor on the circuit board (circuit board capacitor). Capacitors are mainly used in circuit components that can store charge and extend circuit outages. 2. Inductor:

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