palomar fashion wholesale jewelry Gold rose to $ 1,800, will you sell your golden hand ornaments?

palomar fashion wholesale jewelry

5 thoughts on “palomar fashion wholesale jewelry Gold rose to $ 1,800, will you sell your golden hand ornaments?”

  1. platinum jewelry wholesale First of all, we need to understand that gold jewelry and gold investment are two concepts. Do not talk about it.
    Although the rise in gold prices will cause the price of gold jewelry to rise simultaneously, but due to the design costs contained in the jewelry itself, the profit profit profit earned by the store, and the discount sold by the store, even if the gold jewelry on hand is sold, the profit may not be profitable. See it considerable. Unless you buy gold bars for pure investment.

    The price trend of international gold is indeed very amazing. You can use the words "all the way" to describe it. Even after the rise, the upward momentum is still unabated. The users who invested in the configuration at the beginning of the year basically received a return rate of more than 15%.

    . If the price of international gold really stands on the 1,800 US dollars, compared with the current increase of 17.65%, the domestic gold price may be rising to 420 yuan/gram. 358 yuan/gram)
    If a year or two, a lot of gold jewelry was purchased by a range of 260-270 yuan/gram, so can it be a considerable premium in the current transfer to sell?
    Perhaps the income will not be as considerable as imagined.
    1, jewelry selling will have a large discount
    The gold jewelry bought at the same time of 350 yuan/gram, go to another store to sell and turn hands, can it sell the same price? —— Don't think about it.
    It the jewelry store after getting pure gold, you need to ask the corresponding designer to design the appearance and shape, the carved master is operating according to the design drawings, and the service staff at the counter is also required to sell it. Finally, there is the rent cost of the store. Essence Essence Selling at the price of pure gold, they are not profitable.
    So the golden jewelry we bought has a thick layer of "moisture". Even if it is resolved at the time after starting, it is impossible to sell it at the original price. What's more, there are not many shops that can sell second -hand jewelry.

    2, the commemorative significance of gold jewelry may be more considerable than the actual profit

    Perhaps this jewelry is a fixed -time belief at the time of marriage, perhaps the first love The object presented with beautiful memories, perhaps the gift for the elders for their 18th birthday. Essence Essence
    A piece of gold jewelry, perhaps the price is 10,000 or 20,000. Even if the price of gold rises, the selling can get a profit of 5,000 yuan. Is it worth the special significance and commemorative value it contains only 5,000 yuan?
    Many people and many things may only experience once in a lifetime. Beautiful things are accompanied by this beautiful and compact jewelry with memory. Is it really cost -effective to sell this beauty? ——It may not be seen.


    . Even if the price of international gold rose to $ 1,800, the benefits will not be too considerable for selling gold second -hand jewelry. Merchants also have to make money. Their labor costs are not low, and the color and texture of gold jewelry also have a greater impact on the price of sale. Often, it will be a big discount on sale.
    The is the simplest and direct to choose gold bars or gold funds. And the Alipay platform can buy one yuan.

  2. wedding jewelry wholesale I won't sell the gold jewelry on my hand. These are decorations. I bought it and I never thought of selling it. There are all the styles I like. How could it be willing to sell it.

  3. heart jewelry box wholesale Personally, if gold rises to $ 1,800, I will sell my own gold jewelry because I think $ 1,800 is already a particularly high price. Selling for me, I only make money. So I will choose to sell it.

  4. wholesale western bling jewelry I won't sell it if I do n’t need to use money. When I buy it, I ’m not to wait for it to increase the price to earn the difference. Unless I need to use money, I can wait for it to rise.

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