tiny teapot jewelry wholesale Mo Cui’s price and appraisal method

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  1. wholesale only gemstone jewelry In China, a country with a lot of ancient culture, the most important thing is those jade emeralds that have been bred in nature. And in this treasure land in China, many valuable jade emeralds have also been bred. In China, there are also many people who like to play or wear these jade emeralds. I think we still have some understanding of China’s jade jade. So have you heard of Mo Cui? What kind of jade is it? Xiaobian will take you to understand Mo Cui today, and explain Mo Cui’s identification and the price on the market. Everyone is helpful.

    Mo Cui
    Mo green is actually one of the jadeite. Many people think it is black The jadeite, in fact, it is only green inside, but it looks black, but it is still green emerald. Except for the same color as other emeralds, other characteristics are almost completely consistent with emeralds of other colors. It looks black on the surface, but if it is in dark green or dark green in the sun. Therefore, many black -hearted merchants like to take Yu Cui’s similar black jade as a precious Mo Cui, so we must be careful when buying.

    In the way of Mo Cui

    . The method of identification is to use transmission light. Even if Mo Cui and Mo Yu have black appearance, they look at it through light. After transmitting light, Mo Cui showed green inside, but other black jade was not.
    . Mo Cui’s hardness is higher than other common in addition to black agate. Therefore, when the light is transmitted, other jade is also green, and we can identify it by hardness.
    3. It is enough to see the transparency of Mo Cui. Mo Cui’s texture is generally better, and there is almost no impurities inside, so its transparency is still relatively high.

    The price of Mo Cui

    Although Mo Cui is very precious, the price of different quality Mo Cui It is also different, and the price difference is relatively large. Mo Cui, which is superior and has no impurities, can reach more than 100,000. There are also extremely rare best Mo Cui on the market, which are even as high as hundreds of thousands. The medium -quality Mo Cui still has more in the market, and the price is mostly between thousands and tens of thousands of yuan. However, there is no shortage of color difference, light transmittance and incorrect ordinary Mo Cui on the market. Their prices are relatively cheap, mostly between hundreds and 1,000 yuan.

    . I think most people like Mo Cui and want to buy Mo Cui jewelry. of. Then its price is a bit expensive, it can be said that it is luxury, then at this time, we should learn to identify Mo Cui to ensure that what we buy is genuine.

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