travel jewelry pouches wholesale German rastfrei ring 14K

travel jewelry pouches wholesale I have a ring, which should be the "Krostfrei" brand 14K gold-plated ring in Germany. The inner bid in it has 14K words, "Krostfrei", a sunflower in front, and three purple golden flowers behind the letters, about 10-13g heavy weight Want to know how much it can be worth?

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  1. cheap wholesale imitation jewelry Because you are often happy and happy, you must learn it honestly
    State similar rings in the market, and the models in the ring are also similar.
    This old rings, the price is 200 yuan.
    The ring is the "Krostfrei" brand 14K gold ring in 1902 in Germany
    about one centimeter height, smooth appearance, fine workmanship, K-rastfrei engraved in the inner side; flowers are engraved on the left, as if it is sunflower, but only four leaves; 14K is engraved on the upper side; the right side is carved; the right side is carved; the right side is on the right side; There is a round triangle engraved, and there is a small round set. Then the two sides of the right side cross the flag, the flag on the left is a circle, there is an arrow -shaped symbol in the circle, and the right side is 14K.
    It seems to have many decorations in the market.
    It small character rastfrei, it is German, converting English is stainless, which means stainless.
    don't buy antiques

  2. wholesale manufacturers for jewelry Krostfrei Germany 14K Gold Finger Cyman Ring Cardia Datujia Kenqiao Gaoqiao Guilang Shajin Reference Description Times: Tibetan Time Size/Specification: Diamond 2.46 cm weighing 15.8 grams. 1902 (28th year of the Qing Dynasty) "Krostfrei" Farkerman brand is customized for China. The ring noodles are "14K" in the inner ring of the traditional Chinese decoration "Dragon and Phoenix" ring. There are sunflowers on the left and right sides. The big brand has experienced this brand for hundreds of years. It still has a good image and precision. Although more than a century, it still has a brilliant self -measured diameter of 2.46 cm inner diameter of 2.06 cm. I can wear it. Essence

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