3 thoughts on “What are the advantages of water -based epoxy floor?”

  1. Introduction of water -based epoxy flooring, water -based epoxy flooring is generally suitable for the first floor of the waterproof layer or the basement floor of the basement floor. This floor is more environmentally friendly, and water is used as a solvent without irritating odor, and can also prevent mold and anti -bacterial. It is not burning or explosive. It is very safe during production, transportation and construction, and has strong adhesion on the relatively humid ground. However, why isn't such a good floor be in life? Although it is so good, it is also made of a material with strong chemistry. Now it is mostly put in the industrial zone. There is no test and residence. Living in such an environment will not be good for the body, especially for food. The performance of the water -based epoxy floor products, the coating is flat, smooth and smooth, beautiful and beautiful.
    The tough toughness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, and impact resistance after coating. Resistant acid, alkali, salt, chemical solvent corrosion, insulation flame retardant, no solvent, no pollution, non -toxic. The construction is fast, convenient, and easy to repair. The thickness of more than 1mm, the useful life is 5-10 years. In the field of water -based epoxy flooring, large underground garages, pharmaceutical workshops, pharmaceutical packaging factories, large clothing factories, food factories workshops, and electronic factory workshop floor protection and decoration. Advantages: At the same time, it has the characteristics of solvent and solvent -free epoxy floor coatings. It has good adhesion for many kinds of materials. The membrane hardness is very high, the abrasion resistance is good, and it has electrical insulation. Water nature is very good. It uses water as a medium, and also saves a lot of resources, and it does not cause pollution to the environment. It is very safe to storage, transportation and use, and there is no possibility of places. It also does not contain organic solvents, which is conducive to the health of the construction personnel and is more environmentally friendly. It can be used in a humid environment and directly coated with construction. The adaptability of different materials is also very good, which makes up for the weaknesses of other epoxy floor coatings to whom. And the cost and construction are very simple and convenient

  2. The water -based epoxy floor is environmentally friendly and non -burning. It is diluted directly with water. The medium coating mortar can be added with cement mortar. It can be thick at one time. Prevent the blisters from the water. Environmental friendly. Water properties are soluble in water and water as a medium. Small smell, non -combustible, convenient and safe storage, transportation and use, and meeting environmental protection requirements. Especially in major cities, regulations that restrict the existence of busting and explosive products are increasingly stricter. Reduce coating defects. Due to the material ratio, construction, ground water vapor and other reasons, epoxy floor coatings are prone to deformed, empty drums, bubbles, and even peeling. However, a small amount of water is allowed to exist after the water -based epoxy floor coatings are cured, which will not cause pain in coating film due to water vapor.

  3. Strong adaptability, have extremely high adhesion for many substrates. The cured coating film and corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are excellent, and the coating film shrinkage, high hardness, good wear resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, etc.; Good environmental performance, and also has a low content of no organic solvent or volatile organic compounds, which will not cause air pollution, thereby meeting the current environmental protection requirements; truly water -based, water as a decentralized medium, low price, no odor, non -burning, non -burning, non -burning The safety during storage, transportation and use is also greatly improved; good operating, water -based epoxy resin coatings have good construction operation, construction tools can be cleaned directly with water, and can be solidified in the humid and humid environment of rooms. It is reasonable to be reasonable. The curing time and ensure that there is a high cross -linking density. This is unmatched by the usual water -based acrylic coatings and water -based polyurethane coatings.

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