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  1. Wuhan Yulian Touch specializing in the production of touch screen touch query all -in -one ......
    Yulian touch was founded in 2000, specializing in the production and sales touch screen, industrial touch display, touch tablet computer and touch query all -in -one Equipment. With the independent brand Touchkit, Yulian Touch. Acting Taiwan Ely, Canada, in Wuhan Antarctic Computer City, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang and Chengdu set up branches, set up agency distributors throughout the country, to better and more convenient to serve the service. Customers, we and dealers and agents from various places have provided services to more than 1,000 large customers in China. Undoubtedly, there is no support of local governments and customers, and we cannot achieve today's achievements. We have always followed the principle of customer first, and we will continue to improve our products and services as always. Yulian's touch is based on the concept of "innovation technology, excellent quality, and high -quality service", and adheres to the "touching with sincerity, taking people with strength!".
    Ilian Touch-Professional Production of Touch Screens-Early touch screen devices such as industrial touch screen display and touch screen query all-in-one atmosphere. Provide touch screen query software development, touch screen maintenance service, touch screen VOD song, catering touch screen ordering machine, touch screen POS machine.

    Ilian industrial touch integrated computer, embedded host, 1024*768 high -resolution LCD, combined with wear resistance -resistant touch screen plus aluminum metal case, its shape is beautiful, novel and generous! The touch screen interface is: serial port (RS232) and USB interfaces: support multiple operating systems such as: DOS, Linux, Imac, Redhat, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000/ XP, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows NT4, Windows CE2.12/3.0/.NET, etc., can connect any PC or industrial control machine with a VGA and 232 or USB interfaces, put the optional bracket type and wall -mounted type, inlaid To. It is widely suitable for various fields such as industrial control, high -end medical devices, machinery, government, hydropower industry, geology, telecommunications, military technology development, star hotels, and KTV entertainment services.

    -Guangzhou Yulian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Yulian Touch: (Factory Headquarters and South China Region Sales):
    Fourth Floor, 4th Floor, Huangzhou Industrial Zone, Caihuang Road, Tianhe District, Shihe District: 510660
    Sales hotline: 020-28872547 020-28872557 Fax: 020-28872654

    Suga Yurian Touch: (Store):
    The contact address: Phase 1 Phase III Phase 511 Postcode: 510630 n Sales Hotline: 020-87597506,020- 87591881 Fax: 020-87575260
    Is: Miss Zhao

    Wuhan Yulian Touch: (Central China):
    Yinhai Yayuan, Guangba Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City Building A second unit 403 room
    Tel: 027-87158687 87158572 Fax: 027-87158687 Postcoded: 430000
    Stores: Temple 2088, Antarctic Computer City, No. 125, Hongshan District, Wuchang, Sales Hotline: Sales Hotline: 027-87860579 87875005
    In contact person: Ding Party student:

    Beijing Yulian Touch: (North Region):
    Computer market 450 Room Zip Code: 100000
    Sales hotline: 010-82689120 Fax: 010-82689130
    Conal address: No. 1, No. 1, No. 1, No. 1, South Dandan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai: 200000
    Sales hotline: 021-64289350 Fax: 021-64289357

    In Chengdu Yulian Touch: (Southwest):
    The contact address: Room 702, Bailihui Information Plaza, No. 118, Xinnan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City
    Sales hotline: Telephone : 028-85484660 Fax: 028-85484670
    Is: Hu Gang: Zhang Yangwu:

    Nanchang Yulian Touch: (Jiangxi area):
    Hangmao International Huacheng, South Road, 706
    Sales hotline: 0791-6662283 Fax: 6283683
    It Ding Changqing:

    Wuhan Yulian Touch: (Central China):
    Address: Room 403, Building A, Building A, Yinhai Yaguan, Guangshan District, Hongshan District, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-87158687 87158572 Fax: 027-87158687 Postcoded: 430000
    The store: Room 2088, Antarctic Computer City, No. 125, Hongshan District, Wuchang, Wuchang Miyu Road n Sales Hotline: 027-87860579 87875005
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