How much is a vertical hoist?

The vertical elevator mainly uses the up and down vertical movement of the elevator car to realize the vertical conveying of materials. In the elevator car loaded with different kinds of conveying equipment, and with the inlet and outlet conveying equipment, can realize the conveying process of complete automation, improve production efficiency, is now widely used in machinery, building materials, chemical, food and other industries.

So how much does a business need to get a vertical lift or tow behind boom lifts?

The price of vertical lift will be affected by a variety of factors, so it is not possible to give a specific pricing. But generally speaking, the price of the vertical lift is between several thousand and fifty thousand, the more specific price, you need to get according to the model and the specific height.

b86993884a47925073ac5fc05db8a058It can be seen that the price range of the vertical lift is still relatively broad, so what factors will affect the price of the lift?

There are mainly the following aspects:

Models. Take TB vertical bucket elevator as an example, it is divided into TB315, TB400 and other models, and large consumables cost is higher than small, the corresponding price will be higher.

The material. TB bucket elevator can choose different materials according to the material, different material prices are different.

Height. Different enterprises need the elevator conveyor height is different, and every meter, the price of the elevator will rise.

After sale period. Just as we buy electronic products to choose different warranties, we need to pay different fees.

In addition, installation environment, procurement of these factors will also affect the price of the hoist. Therefore, when you choose to buy, you can choose the model in line with their actual use, to avoid unnecessary losses, also avoid the choice of equipment is unreasonable, reduce the efficiency of goods delivery.

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