Can the living room be placed?

I heard that some Buddha statues cannot be placed at home. I currently brought Xiaosha Mi, who was brought back from Maijishan, Gansu. At that time, the gifts said that because they were small monks, they could be placed in the living room. Is it possible? What are you particular about?

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  1. The living room is the top priority of the living room, and the feng shui furnishings are particularly particular. I don't know what you said about Xiaosha. But in general, there are many choices in the setting of the living room. Why do you have to choose this? Many things are beneficial and disadvantaged, especially this kind of ornament with religious nature and the nature of the gods and Buddhas, which is related to your room and the five elements and eight characters of the owner. The favorable decoration for others is not necessarily good for you. Therefore, choose some more popular decorations or plants, such as crystal stones, fish tanks, fortune trees, and high. Essence Essence The transshipment, the fortune, and the evil, the functions do not want to communicate, but one thing in common is that it looks good, and there will be too many reaction

  2. Hi!
    is best not to swing.
    If you put it, you need to burn incense regularly to ensure that you will always be unexicated
    It hope it will be helpful to you and hope to adopt it.

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