1 thought on “Can you get a gift bag gift if you follow WeChat?”

  1. The WeChat event of IPTV "Small Hands, Fubag to Hand" WeChat activity was launched for mobile phone users who follow WeChat "Guizhou Telecom IPTV" WeChat public account. During the event, WeChat followed the mobile phone user of "Guizhou Telecom IPTV" WeChat public account. Click "I want to play"-"Small hand shake blessing bags" to participate in the event. By shaking the mobile phone, you can get a gift bag gift. Share with friends to help shake the blessing bag can help more gifts. The prizes of this event all sent the results of the lottery results through the "Guizhou Telecom IPTV" public account, and at the same time sent to the participating WeChat (please pay attention to the notification of the lottery results issued by the event public account, we will no longer notify the notice). The card number and password of the prize can be recharged and received the prizes by themselves. Broadband services can be self -service, simple and easy to operate. In addition, you can handle work order query, ITV barriers, broadband applications and password services. It is convenient and fast. For more functions, please pay attention to China Telecom Guizhou customer service. Customer service 30 answers you.

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