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  1. Gold is not only an investment product, but also a personal decoration, so the style will change with the trend. In addition, the gold texture is soft, and it will form traces on the surface after we wear it. The main reasons for the old replacement.

    The whether you need to replace gold jewelry or choose gold recycling and realization, whether you are because of the reason for you. Factory, renovate the old refinement again, and then make new gold jewelry and then flow into the market.
    It new forms are gold jewelry in exchange for one or more compatible values, and multiple gold jewelry with multiple or one pairing value. Gold recovery is directly realized.

    Gold recycling
    Gold recycling is regardless of brand and style, only the final total price based on gold and weight.
    Coules in order to make the golden style more attractive and create a more fashionable and beautiful style, which will incur a large amount of processing costs. Therefore, you must think about the gap before recycling, because the price of recycling gold only considers the price Gold raw materials. Any merchant will not consider how good the jewelry itself is.
    It when you decide to make gold recycling and monetization, the best choice is to find a regular gold recycling store or company platform, so that you can get relatively high recycling prices during recovery, and it is more secure and reliable. The deduction weight and purity.

    It the new
    most of the gold shops have new services with old -fashioned, some brand stores only accept new brand products, some Can accept other brands.
    But the new mode is the exchange of value for value. At the same time, it is necessary to charge the corresponding service fee, because each link will consume a certain amount of labor.
    The attention when changing the new is to exchange the quality and value of the product. Some gold jewelry looks good on the surface, and its quality is not as good as your old cities. For example: hollow ring, K gold, etc., although the style is very beautiful, it is worthless.
    is important, but to remind you that you should not be attracted by the exquisite appearance when you pay attention to the new style, and more importantly, the quality.

  2. It is reasonable to change the new for the old, because it can be exempted from depreciation. You only need to pay for the work of new jewelry to get a brand new jewelry, but if you need to use money or have no style you like, you can consider gold recovery. After all, the higher the price of gold, the higher the price.

  3. If this problem is considered from the perspective of consumers, it is difficult to consider objectively. I have been working for ten years and answered you from the perspective of merchants: If you buy in ordinary stores, it is not cost -effective.
    The business opening a gold shop is not for you to save you, but to make money. Without profits, it is impossible to open a shop. In some front -line brands, the international gold price is about 400, and the store can sell 500, even collecting another three -digit work consumption. Therefore, if you change the new with the old, it is to exchange the gold with a cost of 400 with 500 gold, and pay the processing fee. If you are discounted, will the merchant be recycled at the cost of 400? impossible. So you buy gold at 500, sell it 300 .
    . Therefore, the conclusion is that it is not cost -effective to get back to the gold shop to do it again, but when you buy it, the closer the price of the store is closer to the international gold price, the more cost -effective.

  4. First of all, gold is precious metal and is worthy of keeping at home. This is a well -known truth. Gold not only has the value of financial management, but also historical value and cultural value. It is also meaningful to pass on to the child to the child. It is very meaningful to be passed down from generation to generation.

    The in fact, large gold brand stores and gold dealers can increase sales by replacing the old. There are some stores that only allow consumers to recycle the gold they bought by their home. The gold of other brands cannot be recovered by gold. The advantage is that they will not charge depreciation fees. The disadvantage is that they can only change new gold with higher prices. The difference.

    Secondly, gold will be high in the newly -replaced new working hours. Of course, if you can accept it, there will be nothing to say. If you use the old replacement and new supplement, you can find jewelry for jewelry shops. If the number is large, you can make a wiring light -faced gold bracelet. You can be used as a ring.

    This designs can be made in general jewelry shops. You can choose classic design, which is not easy to be outdated, and the age layer of traditional patterns will be wider and convenient to give away. If there are activities in the jewelry store, you can also have the opportunity to replace 10 grams of old gold as 12 grams of new gold jewelry.

    This Gold Recycling Market Price Old Gold 10g of Jewelry Store is about 400 yuan for depreciation, and an additional 2 grams of new gold price will be charged 700 depreciation fees. In addition If you have 300 yuan, then you need to add 10 grams of old gold to 12 grams of new jewelry 1400 to know if you have lost money yourself.

    As mentioned above, whether it is cost -effective to replace or change the old and new. The cost -effective exchange method is planned by itself. For example, the brand sometimes reduces the publicity activities of depreciation and expenses.

  5. Is it cost -effective or recycling for the old and new gold jewelry of the golden hand? I think that gold jewelry should be replaced by old, which should be more cost -effective than recycling. Add some depreciation fees to the old replacement, the processing fee can be replaced with a new look.

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