1 thought on “How to receive CF public account gifts”

  1. After using WeChat and pay attention to the public account of Crossing the Fire Mall, collect it in the public account of the Crossing Fire Mall.
    Cor public account gift! Get the public account for a limited time, there is no threshold gift, one-time 5000 fire line coins, permanent M4A1-water gun, destruction black warrior desert Shura (7 days) directly lead! Limited time only on the public account of the fire line mall! The heart is not as good as action. Come and pay attention to the little friends, first experience it!
    WeChat follows the public account -Fire Mall! You can get exclusive sign -in gift packs in the first signing of the month! For example, the heroic weapons, thunder, fire unicorn, destruction (7 days), and classic functional equipment proper helmets transparent goggles (7 days) as long as the small partners first sign the public account monthly Once, you can directly receive this exclusive gift.
    C game profile:
    "Crossfire (CF) is a first -person shooting game developed by Smile Gate, which is operated by Tencent Games in Mainland China.
    The game tells the confrontation between the two global mercenaries group Global Risk and Black List. There are many modes such as team mode, team match, blasting mode, ghost mode and other modes in the game. Introduce the instant instant joining system that has been introduced.
    In November 2016, "Crossing the Fire" was awarded the 2016 China Pan Entertainment Index Ceremony "China IP Value List Game List TOP10". On March 4, 2019, the WCG2019 E -sports Contest official competition project was selected through the fire line. On December 6, 2020, the Qingjiu Club won the CFS2020 World Finals Championship.

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