5 thoughts on “I want to buy a wedding diamond ring. I don’t know which diamond quality in Dalian is good.”

  1. Diamonds mainly depend on its own quality. Diamonds with the same quality are definitely high in buying in the mall, because the expenditure is large, and these expenses naturally increase the cost of accounts, which increases the added value of this diamond ring, and these expenses are finally. Still be borne by our consumers. Many professional diamond suppliers now use the network platform to sell diamonds to reduce expenses, and pay more attention to credibility, because this is their way of sales. The price is definitely about 50%of the mall. Value service, such as free engraving, free polishing, free to change the size. Essence Essence Essence
    It a good website for you, you can consult.
    M luxury jewelry network
    It hope to help you.

  2. Tiffany's beautiful is very beautiful. I don’t know if Dalian has
    The my colleague's husband bought in the United States
    50 points D is very beautiful, but it cost tens of thousands of dollars

  3. I think it's good to look at the brand, just buy a fake one. Maikaile, Xi'an Road, has a I do, and I think it is good. Or ENZO is worthy of money. There is a 9999 and 11999, I think it is good. The new world is sold, the one in Zhongshan District.

  4. A few days ago I went to the World Trade Building 1810 and just bought a diamond, 0.6 carat diamond ring. H color is almost the clarity, but I can't see the GIA certificate with the naked eye, including the precepts for only 11,000 yuan. You can go to see it.

  5. It also depends on the price of the product. You should go to a regular business to buy it. Go to the first floor or Parkson on the first floor or Parkson, and wish you a happy wedding.

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