1 thought on “Is there any public account that can sign in to receive gifts?”

  1. Volkswagen commented on calls, Telun Su, Midea services, etc., can all sign to the gift.
    The public account is similar to the website. As a company business card and personal business card, at the same time, it can also be made into a mall, an interactive community, and so on. It's just that this is to watch on the mobile phone with the help of WeChat, and the customer can view it for a long time, and you can push the information to the people who follow you. It is equivalent to a business card placed on a user's mobile phone, which can be viewed anytime, anywhere.
    I WeChat public account is an application account applied for by developers or merchants on the WeChat public platform. This account is interacting with QQ account. A mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing method is formed.
    registered and authentication
    1. Users need to register a WeChat public account before using this service. WeChat public accounts can be registered with QQ number or email account account. Please use the QQ number or email account that has not been bound to the WeChat account to register a WeChat public account, such as public account: daily classic ().
    Tence has the right to change according to user needs or product needs to register and bind account registration and binding. For the specific rules of your account, please comply with the "QQ Number Rules", related account use agreements, and Tencent's release for this. Special rules.
    2. After the user meets certain conditions, you can apply for WeChat certification to the WeChat public account. The certification account information information is derived from Weibo certification and other channels. The WeChat public platform no longer conducts independent review of the certification account information. The certification process is automatically verified by the certification system.
    The user should be responsible for the authenticity, legality, accuracy and effectiveness of the certified account information, which has nothing to do with the WeChat public platform. If it causes damage to Tencent or third parties, compensation shall be compensated according to law.

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