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  1. The list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    for men, watches are not only a kind of jewelry, but also a symbol of identity and status. Today, let's take stock of the men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    Patek Philippe
    was founded in 1839. Patek Philippe is not only an independent watchmaker, but also has more stringent certification than Geneva seal

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    ABI adheres to inheriting and carrying forward the essence of traditional watchmaking, and adheres to the concept of continuous innovation. Since the 19th century, it has continued to improve and become the favorite watch of consumers. One of the famous brand labels in Switzerland, founded in 1875

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    Vacheron Constantin
    Vacheron Constantin is a relatively old brand in the world. Founded in 1755, in the tradition of traditional watchmaking technology, it not only innovates watchmaking technology, but also assembles watches with exquisite technology and rich artistic flavor

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    was founded in 1883. In the process of development, it successfully invented clock gear processing machines and tools, and then launched many inventions and applied for patents. Swiss watches have also made a good contribution and have a high position in the history of watchmaking

    brand was born in 1775 and has a long history of development. It not only designs many watch parts, but also promotes the development of the watch industry. It also designs many classic watch designs. It has always been one of the popular watch brands

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    in the 19th century, a 19-year-old earl, especially in the combination of jewelry and art, not only established a delicate watch, jewelry, but also revealed the elegance of the wearer. Piaget is a watch brand with a long history. It has designed the characteristics of Piaget watches by integrating watches and jewelry technology

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    Cartier is not only a famous jewelry, but also a famous watch all over the world. Founded in France in 1847, it has been serving national celebrities with exquisite craftsmanship in the process of development

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    Po Po
    was founded in 1735, and it has a great opportunity to achieve classics in one field. It is now a relatively old watch brand and a rare independent brand designed, developed and manufactured

    men on the list of the world's top ten luxury watch brands
    Girard perregaux was born in Switzerland. Gpgirard perregaux watches design, create, develop and produce the external components and "heart" - the core of the machine. The comprehensive operation mode has gradually attracted Girard perregaux's attention and has become famous in various conferences

    Rolex was born in 1905. After years of development, it has set up 19 branches in Geneva and 24 large service centers in the world
    wearing a suitable watch on an important occasion can give others a sense of rigor and a sense of time, and will improve their good opinion of you!

  2. It is undeniable that we are all social people, and the three major things of men in contemporary society are almost universally recognized: houses, cars and watches

    the house is undoubtedly the biggest asset of most people. However, it is impossible to take this goods with you. Except for friends and close relatives, they will not take it home casually

    although the car is relatively easy to take out, after all, all major cities have limited license plates and numbers, and there are all kinds of parking spaces. How can a car that can really be regarded as "showing identity" get 40W , and the input-output ratio is difficult to satisfy people

    watches are a "sunset industry" that has almost lost its actual functional needs. However, it is precisely because of this feeling of useless that watches have become a sharp weapon for mature men to reflect their taste. After all, useless and expensive watches are the most powerful

    after thousands of years of evolution, the watch industry has long been in a mess. How can you choose the most suitable watch (or watches) from the vast sea of stars? Reading this article is enough

    ? A watchman over there asked, "I don't wear a watch. It's enough to watch the time on my mobile phone." It is true that more and more young people have entered the "age of empty wrists" long ago, but there is still the saying "you can't buy, you can't understand". As the most commonly used identity symbol for men, it is still necessary to spend three seconds to understand the taste and even the style of behavior and consumption habits of this new friend, leader or important customer

    this is not true. Brother Hao Nan said:

    when running, no one listens to you without a Rolex. All right, let's not talk too much, lets rock

    II In the final

    I hope everyone will remember that brand and price are always just reference, and the most important thing is to understand what you want


    for most of us, the sharp goods taken by European royalty or local tyrants in various countries at major auctions, and the treasures of top museums such as the Forbidden City and the Louvre are just legends that can be glimpsed occasionally

    super class:

    for the top "ordinary" watches represented by Patek Philippe, the ordinary here only means that they can be purchased in the designated watch shop without identity confirmation (such as a title certified by the queen). In other words, they are the last watches that can be easily bought with money. Although it is slightly vulgar to measure by price, watches of this level basically start from the overseas price of 100000 yuan, and the upper limit is about 300000 US dollars or 2 million yuan. Further up, there is really no need to buy more products

    quasi special level:

    in fact, this is a controversial area. Many old players even think that this level is simply a hard copy (similar to the concept of light luxury). However, this range is the focus of quite popular models in recent years. Interestingly enough, the positioning of this section is defined by two major watch brands. Starting point: Rolex; End point: Patek Philippe. Although the Lao family also has such baked bun works as Mantianxing or various enduring auction funds, the deeply rooted Water Ghost series makes the Lao family a little "off the table" feel, which means that he can only be at the first level, not the quasi special level
    Level 1:

    a large number of old friends from Switzerland and Germany, represented by Rolex, have stable quality and fine workmanship. They have everything they should have. They can win a budget of 3-8w in general. They are where most people's dream watch is located. As a mixed watch or "once and for all", they are not only very suitable, but also an advertising center for high-end watches. (after all, the only high-end goods are to go to Basel for a stroll, and they will not go anywhere anyway)

    the above can be regarded as the world's top watches in a broad sense

    Level 2:

    represented by such old brand manufacturers as omega, Rado and nomos, they are not as low as Lao's big brother, but they are not as bad as they are. The price is generally 1-5w. Because of the good overseas price difference and long enough brand background / feelings, it is popular among the older generation and also the choice of some low-key elites: some people know it, but they are not likely to be regarded as leading laohao / nouveau riche (it can be seen that Lao's brand has great influence). There is another situation: as the safest choice for the middle-level and second-class watches of the company, it is almost impossible for large leaders in the enterprise to bring more entry-level watches. Level 3:

    a large ticket of watches with a price of 3k-10000 yuan belongs to this price range, which can be said to be the most playable, abundant and "money burning" (only a few thousand, you can take it for ten years, can't you come with a piece?). However, geese, we all know that it's very good to actually take them for one year. This section is the hot line of the fierce battle between entry-level European and American third tier mechanical watches, Japan's top watches and top smart watches. The star players we can often see are: the sincere works of new brands represented by Hamilton, top Japanese masterpieces such as Casio Poseidon series, and the Hermes version of Apple watch.

  3. 1. Premium watches: they are good at making complex functional watches, which are polished and refined, which fully show the technical strength of the watch factory. The brand has a high gold content, the output is limited, and the price is more than 100000 yuan

    Patek Philippe; Abby; Patrimony Traditionnelle; A.LANGE

  4. The top ten famous watch brands in the world are Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, blancpin, Vacheron, Piaget, Jaeger LeCoultre, Girard perregaux, Breguet, Cartier and Rolex. The ranking is not in any order.

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