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  1. Operation method
    the image dressing should conform to the temperament of the jewelry industry.
    the appearance should be dignified, the conversation should be elegant, and certain jewelry and watches should be worn to give customers the feeling of high grade. If necessary, you can take part in jewelry sales training and focus on training your self-cultivation temperament. Your standing posture and speech should make customers feel comfortable

    what to do when customers are hesitant
    many customers will be very hesitant after selecting. They are afraid of regret if they buy, and feel sorry if they don't buy. At this time, as a jewelry salesman, we should guide customers to show the scarcity and value of this product, so that customers can feel value for money and increase their determination to place orders decisively

    feel that the price is too high
    many of these customers buy jewelry for the first time or lack experience. They may have this mentality when they hear that a diamond ring sells tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. At this time, as a salesperson, we should briefly introduce the basic knowledge of jewelry to customers, so that they can understand the truth that scarcity is more expensive, and make a horizontal comparison with other brands of jewelry at the same price to highlight the advantages of this product

    budget exceeded
    the customer originally budgeted 10000 yuan, but the jewelry needed 12000 yuan. The customer said that it exceeded the budget. What should be done at this time? Through several exchanges, we must have a general understanding of customers' purchasing power, occupation and consumption habits. At this time, we should grasp the psychological characteristics of customers and propose preferential policies, such as applying for another discount, giving small gifts, and so on. This method can make customers feel that the extra part of the budget is not lost

    constantly bargain
    most of the people who buy jewelry are women, who are also good at bargaining. Many salespeople are often very passive in the face of aggressive price cutting strategies. At this time, you should keep a clear head, recognize the bottom price of the goods you sell and the Commission for price difference, and communicate with customers through "bitter meat" and "cost theory" in the face of price bargaining, so that they can understand that there is not much room for negotiation

    facing customers who "only look but not buy", many customers are used to shopping in jewelry stores, but after reading, they just want to have fun and don't show the idea of buying. In the face of such customers, on the one hand, they should not clearly show their dislike, but should continue to smile and treat them like guests; On the other hand, if customers have been pestering, they can find excuses to help other customers choose jewelry or go to the backstage to count goods, etc. never hurt or offend customers because of their emotions.

  2. How to distinguish the categories of gold products
    according to the composition of gold and other metal components, gold products can be divided into three categories: pure gold products, alloy (K-gold) products and wrapped gold products
    in reality, there is no 100% pure gold, and different countries have different regulations on the lower limit of pure gold products. It is worth noting that "pure gold" and "full gold" are not exactly the same concepts in China. The national standard draft stipulates that the lower limit of pure gold purity is 99.99%, and the lower limit of full gold purity is 99.0%. There are three kinds of fineness of full gold jewelry in China's market: "four nine gold", with fineness of 99.99%; "Sanjiu gold", with a fineness of 99.9%, is commonly known as thousands of gold; "Two nine gold", with a fineness of 99%, is commonly known as nine nine gold
    because pure gold has low hardness and single color, it is not strong enough to fall off easily when inlaid with gemstones. People add some other metals to pure gold to make "gold alloy", which is called K gold. Depending on the proportion of other metals added, the fineness, hue, hardness, ductility, melting point and other properties of K gold are different. Countries around the world have different requirements for the content of gold in K gold. Asians love K gold jewelry with high K number, such as 22K and 18K. Europeans and Americans like 14K and 10K Gold jewelry. Generally speaking, the minimum gold for jewelry should not be less than 8K
    wrapped gold is an alloy with a layer of gold on the base of other metals. It is generally used for beauty and corrosion protection. The main forms of wrapped gold are gold plating, gold wrapping, gilding and gilding. Gold plating is the plating of a layer of gold on the surface of objects with copper as the embryo by electroplating. The plating surface is generally very thin. Gold wrapping is to wrap a layer of gold foil on the surface of copper, silver, aluminum, zinc, lead or other alloy materials to wrap the internal substances like wrapping paper and play a decorative role. Because the thickness of gold wrapping is thicker than gold plating, the appearance is very similar to gold jewelry. The quality of gold covered jewelry depends on the success or failure of the gold covered technology. In the United States, gold covered jewelry is generally marked with KF. Gilding and gilding are both traditional and ancient decorative crafts.

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