3 thoughts on “The price of the Hermes ring”

  1. Different prices are significantly different from factors such as materials. For example, ordinary about 3000-10,000 yuan. If it is a limited edition, the price will not be capped. In addition, the embedded in diamonds will increase significantly. If you buy diamonds, it may be about 15,000 yuan. It is also much higher than that in the mainland than abroad, and our taxes are very high. If you want to buy it, it is recommended to buy or purchase or purchase in Hong Kong, Japan, the United States. thanks

  2. You want to sprinkle the material, and the drill is still without drilling.

    I only know the price of Japan, more than 10,000 yuan with drilling, and 2000-3000 without drilling. The ring has no enamel bracelet expensive, and her ring is not good -looking

  3. Hermes' jewelry works have the exquisite side of people who do not lose. They record the continuous exploration of the classic shape of the Hermes family, and also precipitates a period of time. What is unexpected is that the anchor chain, which is not humble in our opinion, turned out to be one of the most distinctive classic signs of Hermes!

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