2 thoughts on “What is the difference between engagement rings and wedding Sanjin”

  1. Most of the young people in the engagement diamond ring will choose to use a diamond ring, because the diamond ring represents a promise of love, and also symbolizes the guardian of eternal love and the longing for a beautiful and happy life. The engagement diamond ring can also be called a “proposal diamond ring”, which is a promise of the man before marriage, reflecting her position in your heart. Most of the materials for engagement diamond rings are inlaid by 18K gold and platinum. The specific materials and styles can be determined according to the woman’s hobby.
    Werer Sanjin and Sanjin are also jewelry purchased before marriage. They can be purchased directly for the woman, or the man pays some fees for the woman. The three golds in the wedding custom are usually gold rings, gold necklaces and gold bracelets. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight of the gold jewelry represents the more important the man’s attention to the woman. It is a sense of auspiciousness.
    The difference between engagement diamond ring and Sanjin’s engagement diamond ring and the wedding Sanjin are all wedding jewelry, which is also the man’s expression of the woman’s heart, but the two still have a certain difference in some aspects. The first is the material. According to the older generation of materials, the material of Sanjin is based on gold, and it is based on gold, and it is made of luxurious gold. The metal of the engagement diamond ring is mainly K gold and platinum, and inlaid with bright and stylish diamonds.
    It the difference between engagement diamond ring and Sanjin is also in terms of price. The price calculation methods of the two are different. The main diamonds for the purchase of engagement diamonds are mainly diamonds. The higher the quality of the diamond, the more expensive the price. At present, most consumers buy the engagement diamond ring with 30 points of diamonds, so the price is about 3,000 yuan. The price of Sanjin is calculated at the weight of the metal. The heavier the gold used, the higher the price.
    Finally, the emotional significance of the engagement diamond ring and Sanjin is also different. The engagement diamond ring is more like the man’s commitment to the woman. It is the most affectionate confession. He uses the diamond ring to tell the woman’s infinite affection, eternal and sincere. The marriage of three golds is a blessing to marriage. I hope that the couple will work together in the future to be happy and happy.

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