1 thought on “Which jewelry in Jinan's jewelry shops is the best and most affordable?”

  1. There is a Wanjialong Jewelery City in the Economic College in the south of Yanshan Liping Bridge (Note: Not the supermarket, but also to the south), there are first- and second -tier wholesalers. The quality is the same. Many stores are supplied to major shopping mall counters. You can go there to see it. Ontario An Shenghua is now mainly engaged in diamonds and crystals on the second floor. Welcome to visit if necessary.
    The general diamond jewelry must have a quality inspection certificate. There are more certificates of the National Quality Inspection Center and the Baoyu Society, and the evaluation standards are the same. The price difference of diamonds is very large, mainly based on the size (carat number), clarity, color, and cutting. Many jewelry prices that seem to be small will be very different. This is the characteristics of exquisite products. Generally speaking, the main factor that determines the price is the size, because the color and clarity of small diamonds have no expressiveness and large diamonds will be divided into grades by clarity and color. Certificate can be queried online, with the only number of the number of photos.
    The size is generally "divided", 1 carat = 100 points, and even more than 20 points; the clarity is divided into VVS and VS levels, and the larger diamonds can be divided into thinner levels and each level. It is necessary to separate 1 or 2; color I-J color is standard, H and G colors are very good. F color is rare. D color does not even encounter a few. The value of M and N is lower.
    This brands in China are doing goods in Shenzhen's processing plants, and then they sell their own labels to sell different prices. The homogeneity is very serious, because the door of the processing plant is opened at any time. Which factory is it from the style (each processing factory is pushing the new model as its own competitiveness) can get the same goods. The price is different. Of course, there are big names to buy a certain style. Generally, one model is made of one model. Good other factories can follow the trend. The difference is that it cannot be distinguished as a consumer rather than an appreciation.
    The price of diamond jewelry is determined by stones, gold, processing costs (models and jewelry types, and the type of gold determines the grade of working consumption, such as the processing of the same type of jewelry of platinum The fee will be higher than the gold), the certificate fee (the good product will definitely do the certificate), the gold loss (the jewelry will cause loss during the processing process, the amount of gold will be more than the finished metal, and this consumption will be consumed. How much is mastered by the processing factory. This is also their profit point)
    Sippling finished products will always be counted as labor and capital occupation fees. There will be a large reason for the price, but there is nothing different from the product itself.
    It we can also choose to customize here. Choose the styles, the number of stones you want to use, and the gold category plus some other costs. Wait one to two weeks You can get it, it is not a rushing suggestion to use this method.
    The price of metal and emeralds in the past two years is very fierce, but the price of diamonds is quite stable. From the perspective of investment, the appreciation space for diamonds in the future is much larger. Now buying is a good choice. Wait for gold. Wait for gold. Wait for gold. Waiting for gold. After the profit space becomes smaller, there will be a large number of funds to speculate in other investment products. Diamonds are a good choice.
    has been doing this line for two years. From the processing plant to the sales terminal, you can ask any questions. Hehe I have contacted the most basic part of this industry. There is nothing to me. It's inside.

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