1 thought on “Who is the gold jewelry after marriage?”

  1. Legal analysis: It is necessary to see that gold jewelry is purchased or after marriage or after marriage. The purchase of personal property before marriage will not be divided. For gifts, do not participate in division.
    Legal basis: "The Code of the People's Republic of China"
    The following assets obtained by Article 1062 During the existence of the marriage relationship are the common property of the husband and wife, and the husband and wife are common:
    (1) salary, bonus, labor remuneration;
    (2) the income of production, operation, and investment;
    (3) the income of intellectual property; The property of the property, except for the provisions of Article 1063 (3) of this Law;
    (5) Other assets of the common property.
    The husband and wife have equal rights to common property.
    It thousands and sixty -third of the following property is the personal property of the husband and wife:
    (1) Pre -marital property of one party;

    (3) Determine in the will or gifts to determine the property of only one party;
    (4) Special daily necessities for one party;
    (5) Other property that should be attributed to one party.

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