How much is 3AM hair extensions? How long can 3AM hair extensions last?

3AM hair extensions is a famous hairdresser without trace. Many Jimei people will search for 3AM hair extensions in their own city. The general price depends on what type of hair extensions you choose. According to the type of charge, the price of hair extensions is not inexpensive, can tube for 3-4 months or so.

1, 3AM hair extensions how much money
3AM is a really hot hair extensions barber shop. Basically every city has, due to the different places and faces, the price will be different. Generally, hair extensions will start at 1000 yuan, not extremely inexpensive. We consider carefully seeing if you want to choose hair extensions.

bd8cf102ebc08ccd510f8d02e1f5ae1a2, 3AM hair extensions can last long
Hair extensions normally last 3-6 months, and different methods of hair extensions and care can affect how long they last.

If the hair is to be maintained for a longer period of time, routine care must be performed. It is recommended to go to the barber shop and let the hair extension manufacturer wash. If you want to wash your hair by yourself, do not bend over to wash your hair. Bending your hair requires pulling all the back hair to the front, thus it will clearly pull the attached hair, which will cause hair loosening or even hair loss.

If you wash your hair at home, take a shower to wash your hair. The shower can avoid pulling your hair, provide better care for your hair through a soft method, and enhance the nutritional supplementation of your hair.

3. Will hair extensions cause hair loss?​
Because extensions are tied to people's real hair, the additional hair can be heavy and hair loss is bound to occur over time.

Receiver can't comb, after a lengthy period of time, they and their hair tangled together, wash your hair is extremely difficult, if not have to pick up, it is better to don't hair, this is good for your hair, and hair are typically received after department, seldom pick up on both sides, only behind on both sides of the short length is the excessive, the effect will look better, your hair will grow.

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