How to evaluate and calculate the power station revenue?

Install a photovoltaic power plant, but don't know how to evaluate and calculate your own electricity revenue? Do not know each householder to has had such trouble? Whether you have or not, after reading this article today, you are sure to get the answer you want!

After household photovoltaic installation, what is the revenue situation? Using different models, how can the price of electricity be preferential?

The average annual power generation hours of household photovoltaic range from 1000-1500 hours. Because of the different lighting conditions in different places, there will be some differences in returns; ​specific investment and power station income will vary according to different construction modes. Some pv cable manufacturer also calculate their own revenues.

Taking a 20KW power station in Jiangsu Province, which generates 1250 hours of electricity annually, the annual power generation is 25,000 KWH. The income is as follows:

There are two ways to obtain income for the power station in the mode of full-payment purchase (user-funded):​

(1) All the electricity generated by photovoltaic is sold to the power grid (full access mode), and the income from selling electricity is obtained: the total annual income is 9,775 yuan = 0.391 yuan/degree of on-grid electricity × 25,000 degrees of full on-grid electricity.

(2) The electricity generated by photovoltaic is given priority to self-use, and the surplus electricity is sold to the power grid (self-use, surplus electricity network mode). In this case, the income consists of two parts: the electricity bill saved and the income from selling electricity. Since the electricity price is higher than the on-grid price, the total income in this mode will be higher than that in the mode of full access:

Assuming that the annual self-consumption power of photovoltaic power generation is 600 KWH and all other electricity is fully connected to the Internet, the total annual revenue is 9840 yuan = electricity price 0.5 yuan/KWH × self-consumption power 600 KWH + on-grid price 0.391 yuan/KWH × on-grid power (25000-600 KWH).

In the cooperative development mode, the user does not need to contribute capital, provides the roof, and enjoys fixed income: according to the 20KW power station, installs 40 pieces (500W) of components, each component enjoys 50 yuan income per year, then the annual income of the customer is 2000 yuan.

Photovoltaic loan and financial lease mode: users purchase equipment through financing, and the power generation income gives priority to repaying the loan/rent and pay the annual operation and maintenance cost of the power station, and the surplus part is the user income. According to the above 20KW fully connected power station, the photovoltaic loan mode is adopted as an example: The 15-year loan interest rate of the bank is 5%, and the repayment method is equal to the principal and interest. The unit price of the loan is 3.5 yuan/W, and the total loan amount is 70,000 yuan. The average annual income of power generation is 9,775 yuan. In the 25-year cycle of the power station, its total income is 114,300 yuan.

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