How to make interior wall paint? Matters to note!

Interior wall paint does not need to be purchased by oneself, because it can be obtained by self-made method, but the process will be more troublesome, and it may not be able to do it. How to make interior wall paint specifically? The following powder coating powder manufacturer for everyone to introduce the relevant matters needing attention.

Interior wall coating is made of wheat flour batter for adhesive, add additives, light calcium powder, caulking gypsum, white powder, color paste, spices, can be made into liquid and can also be made into solid small pieces.

It has the advantages of strong adhesive force, thick coating, adhesive stagnation feeling, cheap cost and easy financing of raw materials.

The method of self-made interior wall paint is simple, the wheat flour is made into batter, the liquid building paint is added according to the secret ingredient and other raw materials are mixed evenly, and the solid small pieces are added according to the secret ingredient and mixed into balanced gelatine extrusion processing.​


The methods are as follows: 1. Lay out the construction line where the wall must be installed. 2. Drill holes in solid areas of SLATE, 3. Place the SLATE on the wall and mark the hole area to secure the wall. 4. Remove the SLATE and make holes in the wall. 5. Move SLATE, plastic expansion screws, 6. Chemical planting steel and raw materials are very expensive.

Generally speaking, the way of homemade interior wall paint is: on the original cement wall surface batch of a layer of white putty powder mixed by cement and light calcium powder [general batch of 2~3.

After done with sand skin draw again, then in the brush emulsioni paint, architectural coatings can brush 2 ~ 3 sides, wheat flour batter, add other liquid architectural coatings according to the secret after raw material mix, interior wall coating paint thinner in water, is a kind of convenient construction, good safety, washable, the permeability of architectural coatings, It can be based on the different color collocation of the deployment of different colors.

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