1 thought on “Characteristics of microwave communication”

  1. Microwave communication can be transmitted through microwave circuits through microwave circuits because of its frequency bandwidth, large capacity, large capacity, and can be used for transmission of various telecommunications services. Microwave communication has good disaster resistance, and microwave communication is generally not affected to natural disasters such as water disasters, wind disasters, and earthquakes. However, the microwave is transmitted in the air and is easily disturbed. It cannot be used in the same frequency in the same direction in the same microwave circuit. Therefore, the microwave circuit must be constructed under the strict management of the radio management department. In addition, due to the characteristics of the microwave straight -line transmission, there must be no high -rise buildings in the direction of electrical wave beams. Therefore, the urban planning department must consider the planning of urban space microwave channels to prevent the communication from being blocked by high -rise buildings.

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