5 thoughts on “Want to go to Dalian to develop sincerely what can I do in Dalian? Intersection”

  1. I am Dalian's
    200,000 in Dalian, and now I can only buy a 40 -flat house in a partial place
    to do business for a small sale, but now there are too many people who go to the company's work software to pay the highest salary There is nothing to live in the financial crisis. If you want to come, what do you say? Be prepared for hard work
    , but the teacher treatment is improved

  2. Friends, why don't you bring this beloved person to open up your own world, but specify Dalian?

    is too late. Simply say a few words, I have been to Dalian a few times. Don't look at the locals that I am not there. I am also a business person. It is not worse than any big city competition. It can be said that it is very fierce. 20W does not play any role for a beautiful city like Dalian, and can only be able to do the start -up funds for small sales

    . If If you get those 200,000 cities in Liaoning, such as Panjin, Anshan, Haicheng, Haicheng has played a role in real gold and silver. Buying and selling will not be too small, and as long as you operate, you make more than a little bit, but you are more than a little bit, but you are more than a little bit. Will make yourself famous locally.

    For example, we have a Shandong people to buy and sell, but the investment is only 2W, but do you know how much he earns? He has a single monthly profit of more than 2W by his own store, and he also joins, just make your craftsmanship, as long as you take 1.3W, he will make you. You said how much he made, oh, forgot that he was selling mung bean cakes, and my family started by selling food, so I don’t need to ask him that I can calculate profits. Disrupt the market.

    The words are too late. I also sleepy. I hope you can understand what I mean. Men are as determined to be in the world. Don't give up a chance because of a woman. I hope you understand that the society of money is very realistic now. If she really loves you, I think she will accompany you to open up your world.

    The 8 -storey commercial building in Panjinxing's Taiwan business area in Panjinxing Long, and she has been empty. She is going to give me a chance to give me a chance to try it. Tell me, maybe we can cooperate 🙂 Tomorrow I will go to see the real estate. If I want to talk,@163 contacts, my aunt’s request must have a very detailed planning book. Borrowing that force to me, but this is exactly my headache.

  3. Now the financial crisis, Dalian's foreign companies have been affected to a certain extent, and employment is not ideal, unless you are excellent. You can do some business by yourself after you come to Dalian. Anyway, you can open a store. You have done business for several years. It is estimated that the life of an office worker will definitely not be able to adapt, and you have just earned less. Dalian's price is also very expensive. To make money by work, you can only load to buy a house. If you enjoy a stable job, you can apply for a civil servant in Dalian

  4. The competition in Dalian is indeed no worse than any big city, and it can even be said to have been there. If you want to do business with savings, 200,000 are not too much, but you can operate in small books. For example, there are many universities in Dalian. College students are a huge consumer group with unlimited business opportunities.

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