gold plated hip hop jewelry wholesale What is the most expensive necklace in the world

gold plated hip hop jewelry wholesale

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  1. jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine wholesale The most expensive emerald bead chain in the world

    The high -end emerald is a rare treasure. It is a pet in the jewelry market that people are chasing. Many people buy emerald jewelry's primary eyes
    not only for wearing, but more importantly for a long -term investment. In recent years, the Hong Kong Emerald Jewelery Auction,
    The wealthy Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States have a lot of money.
    In the autumn of Christie's Jade Jewelry in the fall of 1997, a string of worldwide emerald bead chains appeared. It was composed of 27 pure emerald green beads
    , and each bead diameter was 15.2 to 15.9 mm. The pearl chain is equipped with a 10 -carat diamond chain buckle. Its beautiful and gorgeous can be called the world's independence
    , and the valuation is more than 40 million Hong Kong dollars. In the end, it was sold for HK $ 72.62 million, which caused a lot of sensation in the jewelry industry.

    According to the Christder Auction Company, this beading chain is taken from a emerald rough weighing about 50 kg. More than 30 years ago, when a Burmese jewelry
    did not feel its preciousness when they got this jade, but they planned to sell it but lack of interest. Later, the jewelry dealer opened the jade from the middle
    . When cutting, the sky appeared twice the rainbow. The center of the jade was a green emerald that weighed about one kilogram. As a result, jewelry dealers made emerald jade
    into a unique bead chain, named the "double color" pearl chain.

    On November 6, 1997, the auction of magnificent emerald jewelry was held at Wanma Hotel. Many moody collectors and rich people are present, as well as a
    The rich man connected to the on -site auction telephone line. Many buyers race fiercely and the price will soon surpass the highest valuation. In the end, a telephone buyer who had not arrived at the present, with the sky -high price of 72.62 million Hong Kong dollars, set the "double color" pearl chain as existing, so that this string of bead chains became Asian shots
    A valuable auction.

    In October 1997, the auction of Christie's autumn emerald jewelry, it is also a item made of 27 green and round emerald beads
    chains, which was 3302 by a Southeast Asian buyer 3302 The purchase of 10,000 yuan was more than doubled, setting the highest record of Asian auctions at that time.

    The pearl diameter of this great emerald necklace is 15.3 to 19.2 mm. Love can't bear it.

    The origin of this string of emerald bead chains, the saying is different. The more certain saying is that the bead chain was originally a string of beads, from the palace, I do n’t know how
    The twists and turns, to the hands of Beijing businessmen. He divided the beads into four parts, or sold or transferred, scattered in the people
    . In the 1930s, the world -renowned rich woman Heton went to Shanghai to visit China. Seeing this bunch of emerald bead chains, she loved it very much and bought it at a high price of 50,000
    . Later, she took the pearl chain to the famous jewelry designer Cartier, and inlaid a ruby ​​chain for the pearl chain
    to make it more expensive.

    In 1988, this bead chain appeared at the Geneva auction. A Far East private collector bought the bead chain at $ 2.2 million (about 17 million Hong Kong
    yuan) until In 1994, Zhu Chain appeared again at the auction, attracting a number of buyers to compete, and finally sold the price at the price of
    . In 5 years, this bunch of bead chains have doubled, and each bead is worth more than 1 million Hong Kong dollars.

  2. wholesale custom velvet jewelry boxes The most expensive pearl necklace in the world
    On April 25, 2007, New York's Christie's auction house successfully auctioned a string of precious natural pearl necklaces for $ 6.3 million.

    This pearl necklace is called "Barolda Pearl Necklace". It is composed of 68 round and full natural pearls from 9.47 mm to 16.04 mm. Wang Gong's collection. Experts commented that pearls are almost perfect in terms of luster and color.

    "Barolda Pearl Necklace" was finally sold at a price of $ 6.3 million, and also set the highest price record for pearl necklace auctions. The buyer is an anonymous person who purchases the necklace through telephone bidding.

    Mereback: Many authoritative jewelry experts or authoritative news institutions broadcasting natural pearls will emphasize: natural pearls are not polished. Pearls or freshwater pearls are polished! This view is wrong and wrong!
    Is whether it is natural pearls or artificial breeding pearls, it is not possible to polish! If you must polish If you polish, you will only see a thousand -layer rock -like surface!

  3. personalized jewelry cards wholesale This is difficult to talk about
    some are talking about the age, and some are jewelry value
    . According to the currently known, the British Queen’s necklace is very expensive

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