wholesale suply for diy jewelry About 300 words of necklace

wholesale suply for diy jewelry

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  1. wholesale dance competition jewelry The necklace
    This jewelery hanging on the neck made of gold and silver, jewelry.

    ☆ The types of necklaces are many, rich in shape, and strong decorative. Proper wearing of various necklaces can play a modification role of long -term and avoiding weaknesses. When wearing a necklace, pay attention to the following aspects:

    ) Necklace and clothing

    The necklace should be harmonious and echoed with clothing. Such as: in a soft and elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite and ingenious necklaces will look more moving.

    ) The color of the necklace and clothing

    The color of the necklace should be compared with the color of the clothing, so that it can form a sharp contrast. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a clear necklace, can make the jewelry more eye -catching. Under the decoration of the jewelry, the color of the clothing is also rich. The colorful clothing, wearing simple and simple necklaces, will not be drowned by the color of the gorgeous clothing, and can make the clothing color balance.

    3) Several types of jewelry should be coordinated

    The necklace should be worn with the same color, homogeneous earrings or bracelets, so that the best effect can be received. If the collar of the jacket is often made into a bow, it is best not to wear the necklace, otherwise there will be a sense of burden. When wearing a necklace, you should also pay attention to a switch called the convergence circle on the necklace. This switch is equipped with a steel wire uranium spring spring. It should not be too hard to prevent the spring from broken.

    ☆ How to wear pearl chains

    Speaking of jewelry, pearls are the essential grace of many women. Regardless of age, whether it is casual or evening clothes, women always like to hang pearls on their necks, with different lengths and diverse skewers. It can be seen that pearls are favored jewelry.

    The natural color of the pearl is soft and light, and it is like the tender skin of women. Although the lack of shortcomings of life, there is an extra noble and elegant sense of elegance. Whether it is costume or fashion, pearls can match it with harmony.

    The method of wearing pearls is diverse. Several types of reference are introduced:

    The as a neck circle, chose a short 90 cm (cm) just around the neck and neck , Suitable for a half -corset dress, or shirts to lead two or three buttons, expose the pearl chain.

    In a string of long, and then knotted in the center of the bead chain.

    The pearls with different lengths and colors.

    In a single string of pearl chain with a beautiful and exquisite chain buckle. When putting it on, put the buckle on the front side.

    If wearing an earrings, it looks better with a pair of big bead earrings.

    The best effect of the pearl necklace is a dress or a round neck sweater, which looks graceful and elegant.

    Thene wearing method

    is also one of the main jewelry favored by women. There are many types of it, which can be roughly divided into two series of metal necklaces and jewelry necklaces. Wearing necklaces should be coordinated with your age and body shape. For example, women with slender necks wear imitation silk chains, which are more exquisite and beautiful; the whip chain is rough and mature, suitable for older women. The necklace should also echo the clothing. For example: When wearing a soft and elegant silk skirt, wearing a delicate and delicate necklace should be charming and charming; when wearing monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a clear colored necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, the color of the clothing can be rich and active.

  2. jewelry packaging boxes wholesale uk Novel necklace-Introduction:
    Mo Panga is respected as the "king of world short stories", and he has raised the taste of short stories to unprecedented heights. In his writing, various social events, such as war, coup, universal elections, etc., have been manifested in truthful performance; the lives of all strata, such as the paper drunk gold fans of the upper levels, the middle class must compare, and the simple nature of the aunts of the villages villages and villages villages must ,都得到了形象的描绘;各种各样的人物,贵族、官僚、职员、店主、乞丐、妓女,都得到了逼真的刻画;各种各样的场景,如豪华的晚会、精致的沙龙、 The barbaric fields, noisy gathering towns, strict officials, and popular streets have been vividly portrayed. It can be said that Mo Pang's short stories are a lifelong 19th -century French social customs.

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    The woman who is strange to be born n orphans

    Miss Halit
    Andre's illness

    Tong Baktu
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    Tee's remorse of Odor Sabo
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    n Waiting

    The wise guy
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    Old man
    The legacy of the drowning person
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  3. wholesale eye candy jewelry The heroine is the wife of a small civil servant. Once, he accepted the invitation of the party organized by the minister. Mrs. Rowais borrowed a necklace from a lady because of her vanity. Later, this necklace was accidentally lost at the dance party. In order to pay the same necklace to a friend of the usury, Mrs. Rawasser began a hard life and buried for ten years of youth. In the end, when she paid off the arrears and met the lady, the woman told her that the necklace was actually fake.

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