wholesale fake jewelry uk What graduation gifts for teachers?

wholesale fake jewelry uk It is required to have commemorative significance. It is best to allow teachers to see or use it often, and can save a longer time, worth around 150 yuan/piece.

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  1. wholesale on costume jewelry One is to inquire about the closer to the salutant to understand what the other party needs; the other is to observe his hobbies on weekdays, and pay attention to what he needs to say so that he has received a longing for a long time, which is very suitable. Gift.
    "A small card made by himself, a flower, a more fashionable text message, sending an electronic card to the Internet, and even a greeting before class, a smile will make the teacher move for a long time. Last year's teacher's teacher’s teacher last year. On the festival, a student gave me a practice book, which was very ordinary, about two or three dollars, and what moved me was the sentence above: "Thank the teacher to the temple of the teacher to the knowledge. I was relieved, and I also specially picked these books out of these books, and after the other corrections were finished, and then carefully wondering how to approve it.
    For teachers, nothing is better than seeing the students who cultivated themselves. The goal, the admission to a good school is even more happy. I have brought a 'question student'. When I came in, I was absent from class, fight, and left. Later Work, he found that he was very interested in tourism, so he slowly persuaded and guided. He gradually changed a lot, and he listened carefully in class. The problem was gone. This year, he was admitted to a college major in Nanjing. , Our teacher is also happy. I have a bitter, tired, and spent, but it has changed a person’s destiny. How valuable is this!
    This has been taught for 15 years, and I also brought it with it. Many graduation classes, there are many students who go out from my hands every year. Students from high school in other schools say several times to send something to my house, and I have declined it. Don't send it, you will join the job after you will ask me for dinner at the first month's salary, I must come. '"
    This is what a teacher said! Intersection Intersection
    6 Teacher's Day gifts that will not be rejected: [Gift 1] What flower is the most convenient to send flowers?
    Carnations: love, mother love, beauty, true love, purity
    lily: pure, century -old good, blessings, solemn
    Yiphong: blessing
    mountain camellia: natural beauty, tenacious.
    Forget me: Friendship
    Plum blossoms: Gao Jie, Jie Jie Unwavering
    Tulip sacity, blessing, eternal
    [Gift 2] Book is the most cultural meaning
    Comments: The gift is very meaningful, and for the teacher, there is room for choice, or buy some teaching books for yourself, or buy some story books for children, or buy some books for elders. Essence Or the gift vouchers of the music bookstore are also good, and the teacher can also choose some favorite CDs and DVD discs.

    [Gift 3] Chocolate is the most pleasing to be more than one except chocolate, such as candy, moon cakes, local specialties, preserved fruits, food gift boxes and other things, the price is not expensive
    None of the teachers care about the value of the gift, and the important thing is the intention of the gift. It is very meaningful to send a unique card or a child made by yourself.
    [Gift 5] The most practical of cosmetics
    Comments: Sending cosmetics is indeed the choice of many mothers, but not too expensive. It is easy to be rejected by the teacher, and the other is too stressful to the teacher.
    [Gift 6] Gifts such as a magazine for teachers are very special. Many people can't think of it, and it is easy to be accepted by the teacher. When you order, you must understand the preferences of a good teacher and don't help your mistakes.
    is okay ~: a set of "Chinese Encyclopedia" is equivalent to a small library that will bring unexpected surprises to the teacher;

    For young teachers, it may be possible to send him ( She) A set of "complete works of sound -spectacular, Chinese and foreign exploring suspense novels";

    is older, or teachers who love history and traditional culture.

    For teachers who love computers and online, there are teachers who love reading, a "e -book reader" is great!

    For teachers who love literature, send him (her) a set of "sound · World Literature";

    The complete collection of Chinese and foreign classic fairy tale "

    ... but when sending them electronic books and gifts, be sure to remember, attach a card to write your sincere blessings!

    What gift should I give to the teacher when graduating?
    The following methods are for reference only:

    The small gift boxes with exquisite packaging and warm colors, not too expensive. The gratitude painting of the scroll, the price

    is moderate, the greeting card of the blessing of the Teacher's Day ...
    The most important thing is to provide packaging. Write

    This name and teacher's name.

    It can be sent to a small potted plant, letting the teacher watch it growing every day, which means that the teacher's hard work

    Gifts. For example, the big

    of your classmates in the class of your classmates in the big phase frame, as a teacher's permanent souvenir.

    1. Taking some articles on the blackboard that day, for example, let each

    The person to write a word of blessings to the teacher, etc.

    2. To make a CD, put it on the inside you want If you say to the teacher, or the song or something.

    This secretly put it in the teacher's computer, and then the CD -ROM will be played automatically after he boots!
    If this is not realistic, it will be directly directly, so it will be directly. Put the CD on the podium or his desk, and then

    to match with branches.
    personally think this trick is very new!

    The teacher greets a phone call; gives the teacher who teaches now with a smile and questioning Hou

    , the teacher knows that your emotions are very pleased. The favorite teacher is that the student's respect for her

    Igly, you should use DV to take the classmates' blessings to the teacher and engraved it to the teacher.
    Mest commemorative value, and low cost. DV can borrow others. At the same time, I call on my classmates

    This to send text messages to the teacher at the same time.
    wants to tell the teacher that I support.
    Personal implanted cup -a cup can make your life colorful!

    The color images can be printed on the cup, adding emotional, and profound meaning!

    Such as birthday cup, couple cup, wedding commemorative cup, baby commemorative cup, graduation memorial cup , Advertising Propaganda Cup ... Fashion trendy is different.

    The randomness: what you want to print is not limited by the complexity of the pattern, the photo reduction is 100%! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can It is not valuable ~
    personally prefer to open DV records of beautiful memories! That life can save
    haha ​​~

  2. purchase wholesale jewelry online Pen pen is now a commonly used writing tool, especially teachers. You can think of you when you use a pen in the future. This is indeed a good gift!

  3. wholesale dozen fashion jewelry When I graduated from three graduate students a few days ago, I compiled a book about the teacher together. There was an electronic version on the Internet. The other was also printed to the teacher and the teacher. The name of the book is: "他 and his disciples" you can refer to: /urinbook /book_show_761

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