jewelry fashion showcase wholesale What's wrong with the golden necklace of the band?

jewelry fashion showcase wholesale After buying only 3 days of men's gold necklace, I was a bit green in the first quarter after wearing it for 2 days. What is going on? It is fake, he will get out of the appraisal fee.

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  1. david yurman style jewelry wholesale Gold necklace green: It is a alloy with more copper, not a gold with high purity. Copper and water and carbon dioxide produce alkaline copper carbonate, commonly known as copper green.
    The solution:

    In the gold jewelry container first, then add water to the container, add a small amount of ammonia water, then cover the mouth tightly, shake it back and forth, then take it out and dry dry When wearing gold jewelry, it should also be maintained in response to the buckle switch.
    It the flushing powder of rinse photos, flush the light water of 30-40-c into a showworthy solution, and double the water to dilute it. After soaking the dirt with gold jewelry for 4-6 minutes, use soft Wash the dirt and rinse it with water several times. If you use fine woolen to dip the nail polish and wipe it, the gold jewelry will be brighter.

  2. how to price my jewelry for wholesale There are two reasons for green.
    . The copper rust mentioned by comrades upstairs, indicating that the necklace participates in the vacation.
    . If you look at the welding place of some necklaces, it may be used in welding the welded agent. It is not cleaned in the subsequent process. Give green or blue glazed objects.
    So it is best to check.
    If it is borax, the merchant should be cleaned or replaced by you.

  3. brass jewelry supplies wholesale Green is usually copper rust, and 925 silver often occurs. It's not clear about gold, but it is certain that gold is almost rusty.

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